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By- Physic and Z


The elves have cracked time travel. Finally. The Neverseen have tried to stop the finishing of the technology. Realizing what good they could do, the Coucil chose two people to send back to foil the creation of the organization they had been trying to end for a decade. Alden and Della Vacker. Alden and Della both knew each other’s past very well. Their‘s is interconnected, after all. In the past, no one can see them. In the present, everyone is worried about them. In the past, things were tranquil. In the present, the world is mayhem. In the past, everyone thinks no one is suspicious. In the present, everyone is suspect.

As Alden and Della are exploring, their link to the present breaks. The Coucil races to find way to resctructure the link. Alden and Della are stuck, and may not return.

Alden and Della suspect their friends from the past. They investigate every corner of Foxfire, where Della used to work with a Mentor for Vanisher Lessons. They read the clues. Find ominous plots to overthrow the Coucil. And most sickeningly of all, they find that everyone ignored these signs.

In this mystery, a race to stop a great evil begins and everyone is brought into the plot by the group that will eventually become the Neverseen. Alden and Della find many secrets under a peaceful facade. But, as they find out, some things in he past are better kept in the past.

Chapter One

Current Travller Status: Travelling

Everything was blurred. Whoever knew that being thrown back in time would be so sickening?

Della gasped as she looked at herself. She was a teenager again! How could that be possible...

She looked at Alden. He was young again as well! What was happening!

Suddenly, the world spun around her.

She saw many, many moments of her past... Until she was thrown into a room.

She looked around, and then gasped at the sight of the room.

She was in her old bedroom.

Della had many fond memories of her old home. Especially the memory of finding out she was graduating Foxfire as a Level Seven. A year early. Della need to figure out what time of her life it was. She looked around her room. The walls were a turquoise colour. Her diploma was up on the wall. She probably had graduated by then.

The door to her room opened. It was someone she knew very well. It was her past self.

And with that, Della fainted.

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