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Ayden Carmen Supportive Twin • Shady Twin
"Sometimes doing nothing leads to the very best something"
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Ayden Carmen

Owned and Roleplayed by Crystal

About Ayden Carmen
Full Name: Ayden Carlos Carmen
Parents: Grace and Nathan Carmen
Siblings: Adele Carmen
Friends: Alex ad Adele
Nicknames: Ayden
Birthday: April 23
Age: 13
Gender: male
Personality: Ayden has a very dark personality and cares for no one except his sister and maybe his best friend Alex. He can be very rude and is deliberatelt and disrespectful to his parent.


Grace, Nathan, and Adele Carmen

Alex ad Adele


none yet


Grace and Nathan Carmen knew they were expecting twins, but neither cared. Once they were born, Nathan and Grace were super happy. They were even happier when Ayden, their son, manifested. But when Adele, their daughter, manifested and couldn’t control it, Nathan got upset. He wanted everything to be perfect, but realized it wasn’t going to be, and realized having twins was the biggest mistake he’d made. He hated them, began abusing them, and started not caring again. Things got worse when Ayden decided to help and support his sister, like any good brother would.

Ayden never let anything Nathan said get to his head. He always either tuned him out, or pretended that he didn’t care. He purposely annoyed his father, and always pranked him. His father grounded him multiple times, but Ayden always got around it, and did it again. He never cared about good marks in school, so he didn’t try hard, which also annoyed Nathan.

Ayden and his best friend Alex were The Prank Masters, as everyone called them. They were constantly pranking their families and multiple mentors, and even the principal! They landed themselves in detention contantly, and always got various, creative punishments


Ayden has dark brown hair, and teal eyes with ice blue flecks

Eye Color: teal eyes
Hair Color: brown hair
Height: 6'2
Model: Jay Ulloa

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coding credits to Z

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