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Gender: Female (cisgender)
Pronouns: She/Her
Occupation: Right Hemisphere Coach
Ability: Empath
Face Claim/Model: NEEDED
Hair Color: Dark Hair
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue Eyes
Height: NEEDED








If someone has an opinion she disagrees with, she'll often go to whatever lengths she needs to to prove them wrong. If she is presented with a problem, she'll probably try to solve it with the first solution she thinks of, even if that solution is probably a really bad idea. When she teaches, she tries to give her students as much information and tips as they need to accomplish the skill they are attempting, but if they fail to learn it, she has a tendency to get frustrated. She is very determined, but this often leads to reckless decisions.



Aurora Alinsky was the sixth child in her non-noble family. At Foxfire, she was often scorned by the other prodigies and told she would never manifest given her “predicament”, as they called it. She hated it — for her entire life she wanted to prove them wrong. As a Level Three, she was slightly late, but she manifested as a Fluctuator — even though it was better than not manifesting at all, in her opinion, it was the most pointless ability ever, and her opinion seemed to match all the other prodigies’ as well. “Of course Aurora got a stupid ability,” she would hear them whisper to each-other in the hallways. Her Alchemy mentor seemed to love to remind her that everything she could do with her ability was just as easy to do using simple alchemy.

Eventually, she was tired of hearing everyone act like she had automatically low expectations just because of her five older siblings, and tired of hearing that her ability was pointless. She began to study skills, such as levitation, telekinesis, and her favorite, outward channeling — anything that she could use to prove that she really was more powerful than they let themselves believe. However, when she showed her mentors her newfound skills, they dismissed them as useless, unnecessary gimmicks.

She eventually discovered that if she altered the density of an object, it was much easier to channel energy to it, and she realized that this made it possible for her to destroy entire buildings if she were motivated to do so. When she grew tired of being slapped around and her whole family being labeled “useless”, she destroyed the entire Level Three wing. The Council sent Aurora to Exillium, where she was sorted immediately into the Right Hemisphere for her decisive and ruthless action. Most Waywards feared her — but in a strange way, they also respected the girl who seemed to excel in every skill lesson. She was eventually offered a position as the Right Exillium Coach several years later and has been teaching at the school for over 40 years since her acceptance.

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Aurora Alinsky ➳ She/Her pronouns ♠ Right Hemisphere Coach
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