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Alec and Alessa Edit

ALEC FRASER: Alec was busy browsing through books, needing to get his mind of recent events.

ALESSA CESANA: Even since her father showed her this place, she came here almost everyday. After what just happened, she needed to come here now more than ever.

ALEC FRASER: He was reading the synopsis of one particular book when his eyes caught hair the color of a very recognizable shade of someone he wanted nothing to do with. He quickly turned around, hoping she wouldn't notice him.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa looked around, something was... off. She spotted the eyes of a boy that had brought her to this state. Pure anger coursed through her veins. Before she could catch up with her body, she hit him on the head with the hard cover book as hard as possible.

ALEC FRASER: "Ow!" he yelled, turning around. "What was that fo-" He paused when he saw who it was, his eyes narrowing, and he reached out and grabbed her arms to stop her from hitting him again.

ALESSA CESANA: She tried to get out of his grip, “Let go of me, you... jock!”

ALEC FRASER: The corners of his mouth twitched up. "Really, Alessa? Jock?" He didn't have it in him to use the nickname he came up with for her.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa was too mad that about the matter at hand to pay attention to the nonexistent-nickname. She switched the book into her other hand and whacked him on the head again.

ALEC FRASER: He bit his lips to stop from crying out again and grabbed her forearm, dragging her away from the other elves. "Are you insane?"


ALEC FRASER: He clamped a hand over her mouth. "Shut it. Use your brain for once. Does it look like I'm kidnapping you?"

ALESSA CESANA: She kicked him where the sun don’t shine, “Don’t come anywhere near me.” She said while backing up.

ALEC FRASER: He bit back a list of curses at her and backed away as well. "I have no desire to come near you anyway, so I'll just be leaving." He turned and went to go find the book he was reading.

ALESSA CESANA: “You’re not going to find you book there!” She said while holding it.

ALEC FRASER: He groaned. "Do you always have to make everything harder?"

ALESSA CESANA: “Hey, it’s not my fault that you’re blind to everything.” She said with a shrug.

ALEC FRASER: Faster than she could blink, the book was out if her hand and in his.He saluted her. "I'll be going now."

ALESSA CESANA: She rolled her eyes and went back to her book and in the place she was sitting in. However, everything she had was gone. Sheer fear ran through her, where was everything? She began to search frantically.

ALEC FRASER: He calmly returned to his seat and began reading again.

ALESSA CESANA: She began pulli g rows of books out I found their shelves and pushing away chairs. She looked under the tables, and around people. There was still no sign. At this point, her search had turned very loud.

ALEC FRASER: He sighed in frustration as he turned to Alessa and snapped, "Keep it down! Elves are trying to read here!"

ALESSA CESANA: She didn’t care if she was being loud. She couldn’t lose the bookmark.

ALEC FRASER: He frowned. "I said keep it down! What are you looking for, anyway?"

ALESSA CESANA: “It’s none of your business.” She said while searching under a table.

ALEC FRASER: He rolled his eyes, grabbed his book, and sat at the table furthest away from her, hoping this would be much quieter.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa gave up. It was gone. She sat under a bookshelf, looking completely lifeless.

ALEC FRASER: He happily continued reading, thankful for the peace, completely oblivious to his surroundings.

ALESSA CESANA: There was one more place it might be. She stood up and walked over to Alec, “Give me the book.”

ALEC FRASER: He glanced up and narrowed his eyes at her. "Why?"

ALESSA CESANA: “Because it might be in there.” She answered, while holding her hand out.

ALEC FRASER: He didn't ask what "it" was, just mumbled, "You could have at least said please," then reluctantly handed her the book.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa flipped through the Pages, and sighed in relief when she saw it. She took the bookmark out, adn just for the sake of needing to laugh, she hit Alec on the head with the book. Hard.

ALEC FRASER: he was prepared for that and grabbed her wrist just before she hit him. "Nuh-uh, not today, Princess. My head has suffered enough injuries." His nickname for her accidentally slipped out and he found himself wishing to take it back.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa cursed, “Just once, please?” She asked like a little kid.

ALEC FRASER: "No, you can't," he refused, then got up, snatched the book away from her, and walked off to another table to sit.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa walked over to him and sat down, “So what’s the book about?”

ALEC FRASER: He scowled. "Go away."

ALESSA CESANA: She didn’t falter, “No.”

ALEC FRASER: He sighed in frustration, grabbed his book (again), and went to another table.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa just got up and followed him and sat down again.

ALEC FRASER: He looked up from his book and glowered at her. :Why are you following me? Don't you hate me?"

ALESSA CESANA: “Hate can be a temporary feeling too, you know.” She said, “My feelings have washed away.”

ALEC FRASER: He grumbled some not-so-kid-friendly sentences under his breath before looking at her properly. "You really are confusing, Princess."

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa grinned, “I never thought I would be happy to hear that nickname.”

ALEC FRASER: A grin settled on his lips. "And I'd never thought I'd see the day where you'd be happy that I say it."

ALESSA CESANA: She looked at him from a different angle, with a small smile on her lips, “What exactly are you doing to me Alec?”

ALEC FRASER: He winked. "That's for me to know and for you to find out."

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa studied him, “Are you sure that you even know?”

ALEC FRASER: He looked away and shrugged. "I don't, actaully, but the better question is, what are you doing to me?"

ALESSA CESANA: She shrugged, “I don’t know, just being myself, I guess.”

ALEC FRASER: He shook his head, smiling. "You truly are one of a kind, Princess."

ALESSA CESANA: “I view that as one of my better qualities.” She agreed.

ALEC FRASER: He chuckled. “One of your better qualities?”

ALESSA CESANA: “Well of course. Did you think that was my only good quality?” She shook her head, “You have a lot to learn Alec.”

ALEC FRASER: He rested his elbow on the table and his chin in his hand. “Really? So why don’t you teach me now?”

ALESSA CESANA: She grinned, “It would be my pleasure. Hmmm.... where should I start?”

ALEC FRASER: “Why don’t you start with your favourite qualities?” he suggested with a twinkle in his eyes.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa thought about it, “I like people who read. Because I personally do too. Also people who are adventurous. Humourous, smart, and mysterious, Becuase everyone loves a good mystery. But I like it when people push me, becuase I always take the easy way when I can. Oh, and have cool hobbies, since they need to make up for my boring life.”

ALEC FRASER: He raised an eyebrow. “Seems like you already know a person like that.”

ALESSA CESANA: She frowned, “I do? Who?”

ALEC FRASER: He shook his head. “I dunno, just the way you talk about those qualities seems like you’ve already know exactly who you’re significant other is.”

ALESSA CESANA: She shrugged, “Well the only person I’ve met beside my dad and best friend is you, so it doesn’t really make much sense.”

ALEC FRASER: “True,” he agreed. “I really can’t pinpoint what qualities I want, though.”

ALESSA CESANA: “Close your eyes and imagine a person. Focus on their smile, their laugh, their tone. What would make all these things happen? What would make them make the feel the opposite?” She asked.

ALEC FRASER: He did as she instructed. He couldn’t make out who the person was, but he could tell exactly everything else about the person.

ALESSA CESANA: “Now Tell me,” She instructed, “What is she like?”

ALEC FRASER: He thought about it. “Well, she loves to read, and can have quite a bit of a temper. But she has an amazing laugh and her eyes always sparkle when she smiles. And she also has a great sense of humour and kind of reminds me of a princess, for some reason.”

ALESSA CESANA: “Whenever you find this girl, you call her princess, not me.” She told him.

ALEC FRASER: He laughed. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, but no promises.”

ALESSA CESANA: “Okay, But if some crazy chick comes knocking on my door at one in the morning, I am blaming you.” She warned.

ALEC FRASER: “I’m sure you can take care of yourself,” he said wot a roll of his eyes. (gods, these two are so clueless.)

ALESSA CESANA: “Of course I can take care of myself, but I would much rather have you take care of the situation.” She replied, “What does she look like in your eyes?” (They remind me of myself.)

ALEC FRASER: He shook his head. “I don’t know. I can tell everything else about her, but I just can’t figure out how she looks like.” He looked at her. “Do you know what he looks like?”

ALESSA CESANA: “I know I would rather have him with dark hair, because I feel like that would compliment his eyes. But he’s an elf, so he’ll be good looking anyway.” She answered.

ALEC FRASER: He nodded. “That’s a good choice. But what about his eyes?”

ALESSA CESANA: “That’s the one thing I can’t pinpoint. But I know tehy’ll be Blue, so that’s a start.” She faced him, “Are there any other mysteries I would have the honour to solve about you?”

ALEC FRASER: “There are tons,” he answered with an amused smile. “If you want to go ahead and solve them, be my guest.”

ALESSA CESANA: “I need a hint to start me off.” She claimed.

ALEC FRASER: “What are you looking at me for?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “I’m not going to give you any.”

ALESSA CESANA: “I give up!” She said in defeat. “This is why I need someone who keeps pushing me.”

ALEC FRASER: “You, giving up?” He leaned back in his chair. “There's no way I’m believing that. The Princess I know would keep on tormenting me until I gave her a hint.”

ALESSA CESANA: She sat up straight, “You’re right, the princess you know would torment you. But the one you know is also unpredictable, you didn’t expect me to give up, now did you?”

ALEC FRASER: One corner of his mouth quirked up into a crooked smile. “I really didn’t.”

ALESSA CESANA: “Besides, I’ve already gotten my first hint.” She said cooly.

ALEC FRASER: “Really?” he asked, leaning forward. “And what for what mystery did you get a hint for?”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa reached over ans touched the scare on his eyebrow, “This.”

ALEC FRASER: “And what have you found out about it?” he questioned, watching her finger trace his scar.

ALESSA CESANA: “Judging by the fact that your eyebrow has moved around it, it’s pretty old. Also, if it were to cause permanent damage, it must have been deep. It!s pretty small, so something very precise. I’m guessing a knife or scissors. I doubt anything wooden though.” She answered.

ALEC FRASER: “That’s pretty close,” he noted, then shrugged. “I got in the face by a knife.”

ALESSA CESANA: “How on earth did you manage to do that?” She asked completely bewildered.

ALEC FRASER: “When I was little, I once went into the kitchen where my mom was chopping something. She didn’t notice me at first, so I scared her.” He shrugged. “Let’s just say she got a lot more than scared.”

ALESSA CESANA: “Remind me to never get your mom pissed when she has a knife.” She told him.

ALEC FRASER: He cracked a small smile. “I’ll try to.”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa leaned forward, “Lesson two: Talents of Alessa, and talents she looks for in a person.”

ALEC FRASER: “Let’s hear them,” he told her.”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa stood up and grabbed a white board. “Number one, I have beautiful hand writing.”

ALEC FRASER: He raised an eyebrow at that. “Your handwriting beautiful? Princes, you haven’t seen mine yet.”

ALESSA CESANA: “You aren’t the one who has hundreds of hours of practice.” She stated.

ALEC FRASER: He grabbed the whiteboard from her and scribbled something on it. He pointed to it. “You were saying?”

ALESSA CESANA: “Oh puh-lease. My handwriting is so much better. It could basically be calligraphy.” She said while writing his name on the whiteboard, “See? It’s beautiful!”

ALEC FRASER: He rolled his eyes. “Mine is a hundred times better than yours will ever be.” ALESSA CESANA: She rolled her eyes, “You and I both know that you secretly adore my writing.”

ALEC FRASER: He grinned and ruffled her hair. “Keep on dreaming, Princess.”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa sighed, “You are the most impossible person to ever have walked on this earth! I mean, what's wrong with you? Can you not just give me one win? Obviously not! You’re a complete moron! You have no respect for me! You’re a freaking chick flick, you ter-“

ALEC FRASER: He clamped a hand over her mouth again. “Shh, it’s all right, you’ll win one day. Maybe it’ll take a few centuries, but you will.”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa glared at him, “Get your hand off of my mouth!” But it came out muffled, and you couldn’t understand.

ALEC FRASER: “Not until you learn to behave,” he scolded as if she were a little child.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa licked his hand, that would make him take it off of her mouth.

ALEC FRASER: He jerked his hand of her mouth and wiped it on his jeans, glaring at her. “Was that really necessary?”

ALESSA CESANA: She nodded in a convincing manner, “It really was.”

ALEC FRASER: He rolled his eyes, flipped to the page he was at, and started reading again.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa reas over his shoulder, “Next page please.”

ALEC FRASER: “At least let me read in peace,” he grumbled, but found himself doing as she asked and flipped to the next page.

ALESSA CESANA: “This angle is terrible.” She grumbled then moved closer to him.

ALEC FRASER: He sighed. “What does it take to at least finish one chapter?” But he still shifted to make some room for her.

ALESSA CESANA: She moved into the room he made for her. To some random person it would seem pretty intimate.

ALEC FRASER: His brows furrowed as he continued reading, engrossed in his book, unknowingly shifting closer to Alessa. “Scoot over. You’re taking up all the room.”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa shifted over the tensiest little bit. She went back to reading. Unintentionally resting her head on Alec’s shoulder.

ALEC FRASER: He surprisingly didn't mind that or the fact that their knees brushed together. He tried to keep reading, but it was getting harder to focus.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa flipped the page, “Wait, did you finish?”

ALEC FRASER: That snapped him out of rereading the same paragraph over and over again. “Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, I was just waiting for you.” (Alessa can take that sentence two ways. Either the literal way, or that other way. The cliche sentence one.)

ALESSA CESANA: “Alright.” She leaned in a bit more, “This is a good book.”

ALEC FRASER: “We both know I have great taste,” he agreed.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa took the Book from him and put her head on his lap, “Much better.” She continued to read.

ALEC FRASER: He just shrugged and took out another book from his satchel and read that. From afar, they probably looked like a couple, but at that point he didn’t care.

ALESSA CESANA: “Aww, look at them, they’re so cute!” She blushed at that, then pulled the book closer to her.

ALEC FRASER: He looked up from his book with narrowed eyes, scowling. “I don’t remember coming into your business, so stay out of ours.”

ALESSA CESANA: As much as Alessa agreed with him, he could be a little nicer about it. She glared at him, “Just read your book, would you?”

ALEC FRASER: He rolled his eyes and went back to reading. “Don’t ask for my help when they start to become annoying.”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa went back to reading. But their comments kept bugging her. She finally snapped, “You guys, just shut up!”

ALEC FRASER: He smirked. “Told you so. Should've just let me shut them up before.”

ALESSA CESANA: “Oh shut up.” She grumbled, turning around to face the opposite direction.

ALEC FRASER: “I mean, I’m always right,” he continued, enjoying her torture. “Only fools don’t believe that, and you aren’t a fool, are you? But I guesss these past few incidents are telling me other-“


ALEC FRASER: “Indoor voices, Princess. We’re still in the library,” he chided, his eyes traveling across the pages of his book, still smirking. “And we both know you secretly adore me.”

ALESSA CESANA: She jumped on him, in attempt to tackle him.

ALEC FRASER: Before he could blink, they were both on the ground with her on top of him. He raised an eyebrow. “Seriously? This is a public place. I know you adore me, but show your affection somewhere a bit more private.”

ALESSA CESANA: She blushed furiously. But then got an idea. “So you wouldn’t want me to kiss you?” She leaned closer, “What a shame.”

ALEC FRASER: He gently placed two fingers on her lips and pushed her away. “Actually, I think it might be the other way around,” he said, smirking.

ALESSA CESANA: This was hopeless, she was giving up. She sat back up, “You know the ground is comfortable, you should be glad I tackled you.”

ALEC FRASER: He put his hands under his head. "You're right. Maybe I'll just stay like this..."

ALESSA CESANA: She grabbed her book and pulled his legs up. She leaned back on then and started to read.

ALEC FRASER: "Looks like I've become your personal pillow now," he mumbled, but didn't push her away.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa continued reading her book, she was very deeply in her own realm.

ALEC FRASER: He began playing with her hair. "What's the book about?"

ALESSA CESANA: “A girl who fell into an alternate universe.” She answered. While flipping the page.

ALEC FRASER: He propped himself up on his elbows and looked over her shoulder. "Really? What kind of alternate universe?"

ALESSA CESANA: “All I know is that they aren’t elves. They haven’t specified yet. But from what I understand, they’re humans in the future.” She answered.

ALEC FRASER: He frowned. "Humans? In the future? Huh. Is the author human too?"

ALESSA CESANA: she shook her head, “No, he just likes writing about humans, I guess.”

ALEC FRASER: He rested his chin on her shoulder and began resding the page too.

ALESSA CESANA: They read for about half-an-hour, then she heard someone makes a comment, she knew it wasn’t Alec, but she was sure that she was involved in it somehow. But she didn’t pay attention.

ALEC FRASER: He heard someone running across the library and he looked up, but saw no one. “Did you hear that, Princess?”

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa looked up, “I did.” She turned to him, “You don’t think it’ll kill us, do you?” She asked worriedly.

ALEC FRASER: He held up one finger. “First off, I’m too handsome to die, so they won’t kill me. And I doubt they’ll kill you either. Second off-“ He gently took her hand. “It’s probably some hyper kid or something. You worry too much.”

ALESSA CESANA: She squeezed his hand and stood up, “Come on, let’s go find uout what it is.”

ALEC FRASER: He got up and followed her. "You sure about this, Princess?"

ALESSA CESANA: She stepped behind him, “Maybe not...”

ALEC FRASER: He stepped away so that they were side-by-side. “Come on, you aren’t one to back out of something. Be the brave girl you are. There’s nothing here, see?”

ALESSA CESANA: “We’re going to get assassinated.” She hissed. But still kept walked forwards.

ALEC FRASER: They walked a bit further when the lights suddenly went out and he cursed. “Where’d the lights go?”

ALESSA CESANA: “They died, just like how we’re going to!” She exlaimed. She walked behind a bookshelf, to see two people, a man and a woman in the electricity room. She gestured to him, saying to look at the room.

ALEC FRASER: "Do you have any idea who they are?" he whispered to her, eyeing the two figures. They were dressed oddly in black cloaks.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa shook her head and moved forwards, and gestured for him to follow.

ALEC FRASER: He reluctantly did, eyes scanning the room for any threats.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa saw a rope on the wall. She grabbed the rope and silently walked behind them. She kicked one in the back of their knee, causing them to fall down. She swiped her feet under the other and knocked them down. She used the rope to tie them up, “Huh, those action movies come in handy.”

ALEC FRASER: He knocked them both unconcious and turned to Alessa. "That was easy. A bit too easy." He looked around warily.

ALESSA CESANA: “They didn’t even try to fight back.” She looked at him, “I’ll go see if there is anything else going on.” She walked around. A cold chill went up her spine. She looked around, but saw nothing. She walked a bit more, until she felt two gloved hands grab her from behind. She fought and fought, but it was no use. She bit the person’s hand, causing them to drop it, “ALEC! HELP!”

ALEC FRASER: The guy was immediately knocked out and he tied him up and gagges him. "Who are these guys and what do they want?" he wondered, looking around for more.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa way by her bag. She crawled over to it and came back. She opened it and pulled out a bunch of weapons. “What do you like using?”

ALEC FRASER: He pointed to the bow and arrow. "That one."

ALESSA CESANA: She gave him the bow and arrow. She took a dagger. “They’re probably the people who want to kill me.”

ALEC FRASER: He put on the sheath for arrows and the bow. "I don't think that will be happening on my watch, Lrinxess. Besides, you're too tough to kill."

ALESSA CESANA: “Lets hope I’m tough enough.” She muttered. She stood up, “Alright, before we go anywhere, we need a plan.”

ALEC FRASER: He looked around. "I'm guessing these guys are doing the "split up and attack" method. The best way to stay safe would be to stick together."

ALESSA CESANA: She nodded, “That’s what I was thinking.” She looked around, “We’ll start from the right, make out way to the left side of the room.”

ALEC FRASER: He nodded and they started walking. Subconcsiously, though he took her hand as well.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa squeezed his hand for support. She glanced at a person a few metres away, then turned to him. She asked with her eyes, Do you want to take him?

ALEC FRASER: He took out an arrow. Ready whenever you are.

ALESSA CESANA: She walked in front of the cloaked figure and waved, “Hi, I think you’re looking for me.”

ALEC FRASER: Seriously? he wanted to snap at her, but shrugged it off and aimed an arrow at the elf. He caught her eyes. Now?

ALESSA CESANA: Use your brain, idiot. She sent. She just smiled, “Though I must say, I’m far to retry to be kidnapped.” She told the figure.

ALEC FRASER: He rolled his eyes, fixed his aim, and let the arrow fly. It sliced through the air with ightning speed and hit the figure right in the back of his head.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa couldn’t stand to watch the body fall. She just moved onto the next person. “Hi.” She said with a quivering voice. “I-I need a hug.”

ALEC FRASER: He got another arrow ready and prepared to strike again.

ALESSA CESANA: You could see the pain in her eyes, but she still signaled for him to shoot again.

ALEC FRASER: He saw the look in her eyes as he shot the next person. Are you sure you’re okay with this?

ALESSA CESANA: She ignored him and watched the nest person be shot. Her grip on the dagger loosened, and fell to the ground.

ALEC FRASER: He watched that happen and grabbed her hand, pulling her into the corner where he was. “You really aren’t,” he said, looking at her with concern in his eyes.

ALESSA CESANA: She looked down, “I-I do’t understand how you can kill someone withou5 even batting an eye.” She shook head head, “I’m not strong enough to watch that. It-It just hurts me to see people being killed.”

ALEC FRASER: He stared at her for one full minute before bursting out laughing. “You- you actually think I’m killing them?”

ALESSA CESANA: She ignored him, the feeling of dread washing away. She walked away, beating up elf after elf. ALEC FRASER: He just shook his head and leaned back against the wall, watching her.

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa ducked, sensing someone was trying to give her a blow to the head. She swiped her leg under them, knocking them to the ground. She jumped on their legs, which caused a crack from their bones. They couldn’t chase her now.

ALEC FRASER: He watched her with furrowed brows. She seemed to have some kind of training in this stuff.

ALESSA CESANA: She hand knocked out everyone at this point. She still didn’t want to face Alec, so she went to the other side of the the library.

ALEC FRASER: “Princess, said!” he whisper-yelled, catching up to her. “What happened to sticking together?”

ALESSA CESANA: “That was Before I thought you were a cold-blooded murderer.” She said while looking anywhere but at him.

ALEC FRASER: He rolled his eyes and took out an arrow, showing her the tip. “See? These aren't even pointy enough to kill. And they’re dipped in an elixir that is made to knock people out. So despite what you 5ink, I’m not a cold hearted murderer.”

ALESSA CESANA: “I realize that now.” She grumbled, “But you didn’t have to laugh!”

ALEC FRASER: He grinned. “But I did. You,re thinking is hilarious sometimes.”

ALESSA CESANA: “My thoughts are perfectly reasonable!” She exlaimed, “You’re the one with a big head, you Sasquatch.”

ALEC FRASER: His grin turned into a smirk. “You’re also horrible at coming up with nicknames and insults for me.”

ALESSA CESANA: She glared, “I change my mind, I don’t like you anymore, I hate you now.”

ALEC FRASER: “Whatever you say,” he said, putting the arrow back and looking around. “Isn’t is a bit too quite again now?”

ALESSA CESANA: She looked around, “I think a lot of people left after the lights went out.”

ALEC FRASER: He shook his head. "No, I mean the fact that all those guys with cloaks are staying quiet." He looked around. "Have you ever seen elves like them before?"

ALESSA CESANA: She shook her head, “No, not at all. Have you?”

ALEC FRASER: He thought about it before shaking his head. "I haven't either. Strange. They seem suspicious as well."

ALESSA CESANA: She grinned, “We didn’t die!”

ALEC FRASER: He grinned back. "Told ya so."

ALESSA CESANA: She studied him, “Do you smile a lot, Alec?”

ALEC FRASER: His grin faltered then died. "What kind of question is that?"

ALESSA CESANA: “A yes or no question.” She answered, “But do you?”

ALEC FRASER: He looked away and shrugged. "I guess it depends on who I'm around."

ALESSA CESANA: “Do you smile a lot around me?” She asked curiously.

ALEC FRASER: He stuck his hands in his pockets and rocked back and forth on his heels. "I don't really know. Do you see me smile a lot when I'm around you?"

ALESSA CESANA: “You seem to smile a lot when I’m yelling at you, or ranting, or I’m happy. So yeah, I guess.” She said with a shrug.

ALEC FRASER: He nodded. "That's true. But it's really because you look like a little lost puppy when you're yelling at me, so it's kind of hard not to smile."

ALESSA CESANA: She glared at him, “I do not look like a lost puppy! I’m way too adorable!”

ALEC FRASER: "Exactly," he pointed out. "Lost puppies are adorable, and so are you. So therefore, you look like a little lost puppy."

ALESSA CESANA: “I’m 5’9, way too tall to be little.” She told him.

ALEC FRASER: "You certainly act little sometimes," he said. "Plus, you look little to me."

ALESSA CESANA: “You’re a giant! Of course I look small to you.” She reasoned, “Now turn around, I want a piggyback ride.”

ALEC FRASER: That made him stop and he just stared at her. "A piggyback ride? What are you, five?"

ALESSA CESANA: She shook her head, “No, I’m seventeen. I want a piggyback ride from you, you don’t have to be a 5-year-old to want that. Now just turn around!”

ALEC FRASER: He just sighed and grumbled, "Only this once," then turned around.

ALESSA CESANA: She grinned and jumped on his back, “I knew you couldn’t resist me!”

ALEC FRASER: "Only this one time," he told her with a scowl, trying hard not to grin.

ALESSA CESANA: She looked around, “Alright, let’s get out of this library and get some ice cream.”

ALEC FRASER: "Now you're talking," he said and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. "Those cloaked guys, they didn't lock us in... right?"

ALESSA CESANA: “Easy fix.” She pulled out a pun in her hair. “Put me down for a second.” She leaned on the ground and picked the lock. “Now I need to get back on.”

ALEC FRASER: "There is no way I'm walking around with you on my back," he refused and walked out the library.

ALESSA CESANA: She ran up behind him, “Come on, you were going to do it anyway if I didn’t have to pick the lock. Please?”

ALEC FRASER: He looked down, his eyes softening and he sighed. "Once. Only this once."

ALESSA CESANA: She grinned and jumped onto his back again. “The ice cream place is that way. She said while pointing to the right.

ALEC FRASER: He made his way to the ice cream place and inhaled its scent. "Heaven right here."

ALESSA CESANA: She licked her lips as they waited in line. When it was their turn, the cashier asked, “What would you love birds like today?”

ALEC FRASER: He immediately dropped Alessa and said, "We aren't love birds. And five scoops of vanilla ice cream and whatever Princess here wants."

ALESSA CESANA: She glared at him, “Turn around, you can’t just stop giving me a piggyback ride!”

ALEC FRASER: He placed a hand over her mouth, still looking at the cashier. "And she would like vanilla too."

ALESSA CESANA: “Turn around! I want my piggyback ride!” She insisted. A guy called out, “Just do it man! You want your girl happy, right?”

ALEC FRASER: He glared at the guy who called out. "She is not my girl, and I don't need her happy." He turned back to the cashier. "Can't you scoop the ice cream any faster?"

ALESSA CESANA: “Do not give him his ice cream until he gives me a piggyback ride.” She told the cashier. She turned back to Alec, “Let me get on!”

ALEC FRASER: He ignored her again. "Don't listen to her. Just get me the ice cream."

ALESSA CESANA: “Don’t give him the ice cream.” She told the cashier. She walked behind him, and attempted to get on.

ALEC FRASER: He moved away and sat on a table. “Call me when you get the ice cream.”

ALESSA CESANA: She narrowed her eyes at him. She turned to the girl behind her, “Can you believe him? I don’t understand how I stand him! He is such a brat! He gets on my nerves so easily. I seriously hope you never have to deal with that. I mean, someone so insufferable, and stubborn, and litterally cares about nothing at all other than themselves. Seriously, how hard is it’s to g-“

ALEC FRASER: “Can I have my ice cream now?” he asked, irritated.

ALESSA CESANA: She turned to face him, “Would you shut up? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a rant?”

ALEC FRASER: "You still look like an adorable puppy when ranting and no, I can't," he said. "I want my ice cream."

ALESSA CESANA: “No, you don’t get your ice cream.” She took his ice cream and her ice cream and tugged at his hand, “Let’s go.”

ALEC FRASER: He attempted to snatch his ice cream. "Come on, please?"

ALESSA CESANA: “Only if you give me a piggyback ride.” She said.

ALEC FRASER: He glared at her. "No."

ALESSA CESANA: She shrugged, “Your loss, I just get more ice cream.” She took a big lick of his ice cream.

ALEC FRASER: He rolled his eyes and snatched her ice cream out of her hands and ate that.

ALESSA CESANA: She didn’t really care, he had less once cream than her anyway.

ALEC FRASER: "Is this butterscotch?" he asked through mouthful of bites.

ALESSA CESANA: She nodded, too busy licking her ice cream to give a verbal reply.

ALEC FRASER: "If really goof," he mumbled through bites.

ALESSA CESANA: After she finished eating, she asked, “What do you want to do now?”

ALEC FRASER: He took her hand. "I want to show you something."

ALESSA CESANA: “Lead the way!” She said.

ALEC FRASER: He lightleaped them to a hill with a breathtaking view of the sunset. A gentle breeze made the leaves of the only oak tree on the sway and played with their hair. A beautiful array of golden light is splayed over the sky and he plopped onto the soft, green grass. "Amazing, right?"

ALESSA CESANA: She gazed in awe. It was truly breathtaking. She leaned on his shoulder, “How could you, with that appearance, find something so beautiful?”

ALEC FRASER: "I have my ways," he said, his gaze locked on the sunset before he quietly added, "My mom shows me."

ALESSA CESANA: Her eye’s made way to his face. She face him an amused smile, “I expected you to argue against what I said. You’re quite a character, Alec.”

ALEC FRASER: He leaned in and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Get use to it, Princess."

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa’s eyes sparkled, “Yeah? Why should I do that?”

ALEC FRASER: His grin turned naughty. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see for why."

ALESSA CESANA: She frowned, “But I’m impatient!”

ALEC FRASER: He laughed - a full-out laugh. "Then we'll just have to see how much wait you can stand."

ALESSA CESANA: “Well I already can’t stand it’ll, so just tell me!” She begged.

ALEC FRASER: He calmed down and shrugged. "I just guessed that we're friends now, so that's why. Happy?"

ALESSA CESANA: Alessa grinned, “Very. But I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never had a boyfriend before. I mean a friend who is a boy, not like a boyfriend, boyfriend, but a male friend. Becuase you’re a boy and your my friend.” She was blushing and flustered.

ALEC FRASER: He raised an eyebrow at her rant, his eyes sparkling. "You're cute when you're flustered."

ALESSA CESANA: Her blush deepened, but it left as fast as it came, “I’m cute all the time.”

ALEC FRASER: "I suppose that I can agree," he teased. chuckling.

ALESSA CESANA: She gave him a flat look, “You make no sense whatsoever.”

ALEC FRASER: “I know,” he said with a shrug. “I’m unique that way.”

ALESSA CESANA: A closed lip smile spread across her face. “You sure are.” She took his hand and placed in front of the sun, “What do you see?”

ALEC FRASER: He furrowed his brow, confused. “Uh, my hand?”

ALESSA CESANA: “Imteresting. The first thing I saw was the shadow of our hands.” She said.

ALEC FRASER: He looked down and tilted his head at their shadows. “That’s a pretty cool shadow.”

ALESSA CESANA: She looked around, “It’s getting pretty dark.”

ALEC FRASER: “You should get going now,” he agreed, gently removing his hand from her grip.

ALESSA CESANA: She looked into his eyes, “Thanks for bringing me here, Alec.”

ALEC FRASER: He met her gaze with his own. “It was my pleasure, Princess.”

ALESSA CESANA: She was hesitant, but did it anyway. She carefully wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a hug.

ALEC FRASER: That surprised him and he froze, but quickly jolted out of it and wrapped his amrs around her, hugging her back. It felt natural, as I felt he’d done it a thousand times before.

ALESSA CESANA: A warm sensation filled her up. She didn’t want to let go. But at the same time, she didn’t want to make it awkward.

ALEC FRASER: Even if he didn’t want to, for the sake of her well-being, he reluctantly pulled away and looked her in the eyes. “You should get going now.”

ALESSA CESANA: “I really should.” She agreed, I’ll see you later, Alec.” She’s gave his hand one last squeeze and vanished into the light.

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