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Jackson and Lillith Edit

LILITH PELLAWON: Lilith walked into the library.The dream of Crystal Cove kept keeping her up all night.And then she was having visions of fire.Talk about crazy.She went over to the Reference section and browsed for things about Crystal Cove.

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: Jackson was browsing through the section on caves when he accidentally bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry. Didn't see you there."

LILITH PELLAWON: She looked up."Oh sorry." She moved to the side when she saw the book in his hands."You're looking up caves too?"

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: Jackson nodded, then ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, I keep getting weird visions about some cave and a prophecy."

LILITH PELLAWON: Lilith's eyes widened"Me and Caradoc have gotten visions like that as well.We figured out its this place called Crystal Cove." She placed the book about Crystal Cove on the table and pointed to the pictures."Does the cave look like that?"

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: Jackson's eyes widened as he saw the picture. "Yeah, that's the one! This guy - Caradoc - has been having them too?"

LILITH PELLAWON: She nodded."Yeah,Caradoc Khelv.It seems like more people are getting this dream.It might be beacause if this prophet thing." she pointed to the paragraph on the prophet in the book.

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: "Yeah, and then there's also this prophecy..." He shook his head. "This is getting weirder and weirder by the second."

LILITH PELLAWON: She tilted her head curiously."What prophecy?"

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: "You know, the prophecy that you can hear someone saying in the background," he explained. "It's soft, but it's there. And also that giant fire and the screaming."

LILITH PELLAWON: She flinched.Fire was haunting her.Visions of it were coming in every night.She nodded her head."We gotta figure this out.Maybe everyone with this dream thing can meet up? Discuss what we know and make it stop?" she grabbed her imparter to call the people she knew had the dream when she remembered something "What's your name? I forgot to ask."

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: "The name's Jackson," he answered. "And what's yours? Also, I think I remember Calla mentioning something about having dreams like ours, too."

LILITH PELLAWON: "I'm Lilith.And if Calla's having these dreams too.and this prophecy speaks of 5 people.....aren't we missing someone?"

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: Jackson thought about that. "Yeah, aren't the last few lines of the prophecy about the missing last elf? Says that she's apparently someone without a heart. Know anyone like that?"

LILITH PELLAWON: She tilted her head "That could mean like 20 different things.Like someone stole their heart,as in they fell in love.Or they hate everyone and don't love anyone.Or they are in grief and there heart just doesn't beat for anyone"

JACKSON DAWNSLAYER: Jackson considered what she said. "I think the latter is the most likely."

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