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Lagoona and Kayden Edit

LAGOONA GRANT: Lagoona was at the library to study so she wouldn’t be behind in her classes this year

KAYDEN PYREN: Kayden strolled into the library. He liked books, and he loved binge-reading them even more.

LAGOONA GRANT: Lagoona read through the books bored out of her mind it wasn’t that she didn’t like reading but she had other things that she needed to do.

KAYDEN PYREN: As he walked through the aisles, he tripped over a girl's foot.

LAGOONA GRANT: “Oh gods I am so sorry,” she said helping the boy up

KAYDEN PYREN: "It's okay, it doesn't matter." He paused for a second to scan her up and down. "Who are you?"

LAGOONA GRANT: The question was a bit much but she answered, “Well I’m Lagoona Grant who might you be?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "I'm Kayden Pyren, nice to meet you!"

LAGOONA GRANT: “Aren’t you a little young to be here all by yourself?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "Nah. My parents have been letting me do this for a long time. And honestly? I like it! I get to be free."

LAGOONA GRANT: “So you like coming here?” Lagoona said amazed.

KAYDEN PYREN: "Yeah. Is that really so surprising?"

LAGOONA GRANT: “For me it is, Honestly I would like to be doing lots of things a this isn’t really one of them.”

KAYDEN PYREN: "How can you not like reading?"

LAGOONA GRANT: “It’s-it’s just not my thing,”she said. Hopefully he’d get it.

KAYDEN PYREN: "Well... " he faltered, not knowing what to say.

LAGOONA GRANT: “What are you doing here anyway, you look so young, shouldn’t your parents be with you?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "I'm often sent out alone like this. No big deal, really," he said with a shrug.

LAGOONA GRANT: “Oh, well do you need any help finding anything?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "No, of course not! I come here several times a week."

LAGOONA GRANT: “Ummm,” this kid was nuts!

KAYDEN PYREN: "What, is it bad to read?" he asked

LAGOONA GRANT: “Um no it’s just bad to live your life 24/7 in a libary.”

KAYDEN PYREN: "But I don't live here!" he said, confused, "I live in my house!"

LAGOONA GRANT: “Ok, ok, well can you help me find something?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "Sure! Why not?"

LAGOONA GRANT: “Cool,” she said with a smile.

KAYDEN PYREN: "So..... what book...."

LAGOONA GRANT: “Well, I want to try something new, any ideas what I should read?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "You should totally read the human books. It's so interesting to see what they think of us. Especially Lord of the Rings."

LAGOONA GRANT: “Hmm, interesting. Anything else?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "Wait. If you don't like books then what made you come here?"

LAGOONA GRANT: “That’s such a good question.”

KAYDEN PYREN: "So........ answer?"

LAGOONA GRANT: “Well I came here to study,” if this kid asked one more question she would have to punch somebody or something.

KAYDEN PYREN: "If you came here to study then why aren't you studying?"

LAGOONA GRANT: Lagoona started to smack the chair as hard as she could. “Do you always ask this many questions?”

KAYDEN PYREN: "Well then, seeing that you are irritated, why don't you ask me some questions? And yes, I always ask questions, because it's part of a learner's attitude."

LAGOONA GRANT: Lagoona sighed.Then sat down,” Curious one aren’t you.”

KAYDEN PYREN: "Yeah," he said. And then, just to irritate her, he asked another question. "How about you? Would you describe yourself as curious?"

LAGOONA GRANT: “You really had to ask another question?” Lagoona sighed,” I don’t think i’m as curious as you.”

KAYDEN PYREN: "What's you're ability?"

LAGOONA GRANT: “Hydrokinetic and Polygot.”

KAYDEN PYREN: "Wow. Just wow." He had the exact opposite ability as her.


KAYDEN PYREN: "Because..." he faltered and looked down at his shoes.

LAGOONA GRANT: “Because....”

KAYDEN PYREN: "Nevermind."

LAGOONA GRANT: “You can tell me,” Lagoona said her voice softer now.

KAYDEN PYREN: "I'm a Pyrokinetic and a Conjurer, so one of my abilities is the exact opposite of yours."

LAGOONA GRANT: “Interesting,” Lagoona was a little frightened but she tried not to show it.

KAYDEN PYREN: "You're scared, right?" he replied, knowing the general reaction.

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