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== Archives ==
== Archives ==
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== Roleplay ==
== Roleplay ==
=== Cledwyn Family ===
{{DakotaWB|text = As he walked in the smell of delicious food wafted through the air. It was an awesome restaurant, with great food. He waited for someone to take them to their table.}}{{ElenoreWB|text = Elenore walked up to the front desk of the beautiful Restaurant."A table for 4 please." she told the waitor.}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara excitedly followed her mother, taking everything in. The restaurant was so pretty!}}{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = Adrean looked around, this place was packed. It was going to take them a while to find a table.}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara tugged on Adrean's hand. "What's taking so long? Why aren't they letting us take a seat?"}}
{{DakotaWB|text = "There's a lot of other people eating here, they need to make sure they have room for us, since we didn't call in advance and say we were coming," he explained. He saw the waiter come up to them. "Right this way," the waiter said and guided them to their table, where they sat down. Dakota examined the menu.}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara skimmed over the menu until she finally found what she want. "Mom, I want ice cream!" she declared, pointing to it.}}
{{DakotaWB|text = He smiled and continued to skim the menu. He'd let someone else burst her bubble, perhaps Mom. He didn't want to be the boring sibling and say that was a desert, though he didn't actually have anything against having ice cream for a meal. He set his menu down. "Ok, I know what I'm getting. Everything here sounds so good."}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara wrinkled her nose as she saw what Dakota was getting. "Ew, Daki, you're getting ''that''? You should try something else."}}
{{DakotaWB|text = "What's wrong with it?" he asked, looking down at what he was getting.}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = "My best friend once dared me to try it," she told him, then shuddered at the memory. "It was ''horrible''. Hands down the worst thing I've ever tried."}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = Adrean grinned, "I didn't realize I'm your best friend. If I recall correctly, it was ''me'' who dared you to eat that." He said smugly}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara's eyes widened. "Oh yeah! My best friend made me eat something else. It ''was'' you that made me eat it!" She glared at him. "Remind me why I consider you my favourite sibling again?"}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "Because I'm the most fun, I hangout with you more then the others, and I'm awesome, and the best, and better then the rest." He answered triumphantly. }}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara rolled her eyes and grumbled, "Yeah, yeah, keep on telling yourself that," under her breath.}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "I will, because it's true." He told her, "Just ask Freya, she'll agree with me." He insisted.}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara raised an eyebrow. "What makes you so sure of that?"}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = He rolled his eyes, "It's called taking a risk, Elara."}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = Elara furrowed her brow. "What risk are you taking by telling me that?"}}{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "Damaging my pride." His pride was very dear to him.}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = "And how are you damaging your pride?" Elara asked, clearly confused.}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "If she says no, that's going to be a big blow to my pride." He explained.}}
{{ElaraCledwynWB|text = "Then how about we hail her and see exactly what she says?" Elara challenged with a smug smile, knowing that Adrean could never back down from one.}}{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "Alright." He was seriously hoping Freya would be on his side. He pulled out his Imparter, "Show me Freya Kylan."}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = Freya immediately picked up the call. "Hey Adrean, what's up?"}}{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "I need you to tell her that I'm the most fun sibling, and the best and better then the rest." Adrean commanded.}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = Freya simply blinked, then blinked again. "Um, what? Why?"}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "Don't you trust me?" He asked her, "You need to say it! Or else I'll lose!"}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = Freya decided to tease him a little. "But lose what? And I don't exactly know how you treat your siblings, so I can't really say that for sure."}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "I treat everyone well." He claimed, "So this shouldn't need the opinion of another sibling."}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = "But there's a difference between how you treat everybody and how you treat your siblings," she pointed out. "And you don't treat ''everybody'' well."}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "Yeah I do!" He cried out, "Name one person I have not been nice tp."}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = "Remember Darren?" Freya asked with a raised eyebrow. "You threatened to punch him in the face."}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "He provoked me!" He defended, "Besides, after that he and I became friends, sort of."}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = "And also all the times you shouted at me whenever I tried to help you?" she added, ignoring previous statement.}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = He shrugged, "Never kept track."}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = "Exactly! So if you can't always treat your girlfriend right, how am I supposed to think that you always treat everyone else right?"}}
{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = "Well I do treat you right. Who was the one who got you that record deal? And what about when you needed to be comforted? Did I not do any of that?" He asked.}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = Freya sighed. "You do treat me right, Adrean, but you don't treat me right ''all the time''. Do you get what I'm saying?"}}{{AdreanCledwynWB|text = Adrean was confused, he assumed he treated Freya right. "No, it doesn't make sense."}}
{{FreyaKylanWB|text = Freya bit her lip, trying to think of a way to explain. "What I'm trying to say is that you can treat people right, but nobody in the world treats everybody right all the time. It's just the way the universe works. No one is perfect and no one can be kind all the time. Everyone has their moments in which they're not the most considerate of others."}}
[[AdreanCledwynWB|text = Adrean held back what he was originally going to say, and instead said, "Alright."}}
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Flaredon's Home Restaurant

The most regal restaurant in all of Atlantis and with its moonlit setting and arrangement, Flaredon's Home is the best and most romantic restaurant you can go to. Always crowded and bustling with elves, you better make your reservation as soon as you can!


Manager - NEEDED

Head Chef - NEEDED

Assistant Chef(s) - NEEDED

Waiter(s)/Waiteress(es) - NEEDED




Atlantis/Flareadon's Home Restaurant


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