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== Archives ==
== Archives ==
{{RPArchive|Name of Place = {{PAGENAME}}|Archives=None}}
{{RPArchive|Name of Place = {{PAGENAME}}|Archives=[[Atlantis/Flareadon's Home Restaurant/1]]}}
== Roleplay ==
== Roleplay ==
=== Haru and Furiosa ===
{{HaruWB|text = Haru waited for her food as the waitress walked away with her orders.}}
{{Furiosa|text= “Hey, I’m Furiosa,” she said to the girl quietly standing there, just plain standing. “You’re...?”}}
{{HaruWB|text= Haru kindly smiled as she replied, "I'm Haru. Haru Hanover." she was surprised that Furiosa talked to her. After all, most elves ignored her.}}
{{Furiosa|text= “Whats your ability?” Furiosa quickly ordered a Mallowmelt and settled down in a chair.”}}
{{HaruWB|text= "Telepath. You are..?"}}
{{Furiosa|text=“Polyglot, aNd Flasher.”}}
{{HaruWB|text=Haru nodded. "Ah, interesting. You ordered mallowmelt?" Haru tried not to look sad as she thought of her sister. "My sister used to order mallowmelt every time we came here."}}
{{Furiosa|text= “Yeah, I love Mallowmelt. What’s your favorite food?”}}
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[[Category:Atlantis Location]]
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[[Category:Roleplay Location]]

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Flaredon's Home Restaurant

The most regal restaurant in all of Atlantis and with its moonlit setting and arrangement, Flaredon's Home is the best and most romantic restaurant you can go to. Always crowded and bustling with elves, you better make your reservation as soon as you can!

Workers Edit

Manager - NEEDED

Head Chef - NEEDED

Assistant Chef(s) - NEEDED

Waiter(s)/Waiteress(es) - NEEDED

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Atlantis/Flareadon's Home Restaurant

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