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This store is home to billions of animals. It is one of the most trusted stores in Atlantis, and a very popular place to get pets from. It also comes with a multitude of supplies, including food and toys, for your animal friends.


Claws, Wings, Horns and Things



Caradoc and Calliope

CARADOC KWELV: He walked in. He immediately smelled cats. He hated cats, mostly because he was allergic. But he ignored that and strolled into the store nonetheless, hoping to find some colors to dye his new imp Ardelle had given him.

CALLIOPE FIRESTORM: She looked at a cyan murcat swimming around its tank and debated buying it. Its not like she could take care of it, with her moving every few days. It would probably die sooner or later

CARADOC KWELV: Of course the dyes were placed next to the murcats, but he didn't really mind. He walked over, examining the different magenta variations when he walked right into someone. He turned to see a pretty girl. "Oh, sorry. I wasn't paying attention."

CALLIOPE FIRESTORM: She looked up."It was my fault. I shouldn't have standed right in the walkway." She moved to the side to let him pass.

CARADOC KWELV: He wasn't going the path she cleared, so he extended his hand for her to shake. "I'm Caradoc Kwelv, it's a pleasure to meet you."

CALLIOPE FIRESTORM: "Calliope" she said softly. Her last name wasn't her real one anyway.Her mother made it up when they gave her and her siblings to the orphanage.

CARADOC KWELV: "Calliope--that's a nice name," he said. "So are you here to get anything?"

CALLIOPE FIRESTORM: She shrugged."Not really. Just looking around."

CARADOC KWELV: He nodded. "Yeah, this is a pretty cool place. I'm here to get dyes for my pet imp." He glanced at where she came from. "You like murcats?

Sky Phan

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Sky walk to some of the pets. Aww. They were so cute.

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