Hi, everyone! This is just a Sokeefe fanfiction, and it will contain spoilers from the books. This is my first fanfic here, so if there are any mistakes feel free to point them out. I hope you enjoy it!

~ Mimi


Falling -

She grasped for anything. Anything she could do. Anything she could use.

Did he know?

He knew -

She'd told him -

But the memory was already hazy, fading into the background.

All she remembered of her love was a pair of ice-blue eyes.

Chapter One - Keefe

"Ro, stop that." The princess sat, nonchalantly painting her nails.

"Ro," Keefe said again, more insistently.

"That's my name." She dipped her claws into dark pink. "Do you think this fuchsia looks better than the blue?"

"Since when are you a nail-polish-lover of Elfland?" Keefe had had this argument about a thousand times, but today there was something else on his mind.

Ro glanced up. "I hear you, Hunkyhair, and I'll say it again: I'm not - "

"I need your help," he interrupted.

All thoughts of nail polish drained out of the ogre princess's head. She eagerly leaned forward. "What is it? Anything gossip-worthy?"

She paused, then slyly added, "Anything to do with Sophie?"

Keefe cringed. He hated that he was the Empath, and yet Ro could read his own emotions so clearly. "Yes."

"Spill, then, Hunkyhair!"

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