Welcome! This page is a list of artists that are contributors of this wiki. The list will contain basic information about the artists, such as their style, schedule/availability, status on taking requests, etc. The list will also consist of links to an art blog if the artist has one.  

Artists Edit

Artist About the artist Availibility Links
Izilia the Pyrokinetic My style is more cartoony than realistic so if your looking for something more realistic I'm probably not the best person to ask! I'm more available on weekends but if I'll try to work on art on weekdays if I have time. I take any reasonable requests and I usually finish my art within a few days to a week depending on the request and my schedule. The time it takes to finish may vary... Available to take requests :P none yet
Charlotte O CATS KOTLC My styles are cartoony, realistic, and anime. I also can do calligraphy, word art and collages for people! I can usually finish within a week or less. I'm not very good at positioning, so I'm better at portraits than action shots, but I'm learning! I'm also okay at photoshop, so I can do any editing needed. Available! Art Club Page
Luna-DiAngelo I do cartoonish and semirealism. I could try realism if given a photo reference. Most of my art here is a little old, so I’ve improved since then. Because my style is a little more detailed and I have school and sports, requests might take closer to a week. They will take longer if done digitally and shorter if done traditionally. Available :) DeviantArt
Gildie-Everblaze I draw animals mostly, and I especially like drawing birds, but sometimes I try drawing landscapes. I mostly draw in semi-realism, but sometimes I try out new styles. The drawings will normally take a day or two to finish :) Available I guess?
AvocadoBlossom I draw what I'd like to call fantasy style art. I can't really pinpoint a style at it, it's kind of unique. It's semi-realism with some exaggeration. I have an art shop with examples, if you'd like to check that out it's in the links box. I specialize in females, but I can kind of draw males. Hope you enjoy my artwork! Available Art Shop
SuldreenSong When I feel like drawing, I draw. And that's most of the time. I can do multiple styles--ranging from the less than thirty minutes semi-realistic sketches I have dispersed around the wiki to other fields of randomness. If you want a certain style, I can always try to mimic it. Available Weekdays UserPage (Art to be added there)
Betsyfrancisdamesmer Most (so all) of my drawings are based on already existing art. They usually have the same poses, shapes, and forms as the existing art, but don't have the same details, expressions or colors. My art is usually detailed and not super colorful, a more black and whitish style. Available almost all the time Wings fanart
ElectricElephant I can draw anything, except people. I’m good at shading, cartoons and doodles, and my landscapes aren’t my specialty but I can do those as well. Availiable No Links

Recently Finished Requests Edit

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