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"Promises are the sweetest lies."













Dark Brown Hair

Azure Blue Eyes


Artemis is a true beauty, with her flowing dark brown hair she frequently changes the length of and shining azure eyes. Her FC is Phoebe Tonkin.




Artemis can be considered a bird. She never stops in one place and is always going. She once used to be a very fiery girl and would always know exactly what to say in whatever situations. But now, she's often tired - a result of the lack of sleep because of the fact that she stayed up all night, unable to sleep - and is easy to annoy. Say one thing she finds irritating and you're going to wish you were never born. But underneath it all, the old Artemis is still there. She just needs to find that one person who could bring her out again.


Artemis grew up in a family descended from Nobility, so she was quite used to getting what she wants. Her parents' marriage had been an arranged one, and for this reason, they were often very distant from each other. Artemis grew up watching loving parents embrace their families like they would give up the world for each other, and then she'd glance back at her own parents and notice there would always be a stiff space separating them. People, for many of their own, false reasons, saw Artemis as a stuck-up, spoiled brat, but in reality, she was just a young girl longing for a family that would love her and a friend that would be there for her.

And one of her wishes did, in fact, come true.

At a party meant for "highly important people" (please read: idiot, stuck-up brats), Artemis was shoved by herself into a room meant for kids to mingle around. That was when she met a kid named Apollo - and it was friendship at first sight. She ignored other kids' wails of jealousy and instantly engaged Apollo into a conversation, and they hit right off.

As they grew older, Apollo grew closer and closer to her until they were inseparable. He was like the brother Artemis never had and vowed to always be there for him when he needed it, knowing he would do the exact same for her. So when he fell into a state of depression, it was the hardest for her to cope with. Not to mention the fact that her parents' had started forcing her to get married.

Something she hadn't told Apollo yet was that she'd gotten her Matchmaking Forms due to pressure from her parents. Artemis hated being confined, proven from all the past boyfriends she had. This was terrible behaviour in her parents' eyes and took up 1/3 of the reasons they pushed her to get her forms. The other 2/3 was because they were hoping to marry her into a Noble family with a higher reputation in order to boost their own. It was so selfish, and poor Artemis was trying to convince herself that there must be another reason. But it wasn't working.

It was partially because of what Apollo was going through that she didn't tell him what was going on back home. Artemis didn't want to add on to his burden. She needed to help him out of it and when she noticed that he had a passion for music, she knew that it was his destiny. Artemis pushed him as much as she could until he finally gave in and became a star. She was so proud of him that she managed to forget her problems - even if it was just for a little while.

When out for a small walk to clear her head, Artemis noticed it was too hot to do her any good. She found herself silently wishing for a light breeze to appear and waved her hands. Suddenly, the wind hit her like a slap in the face. Confused and very surprised, she tried wishing for wind again - this time very soft wind - and it obliged, coming to play with her hair. Shocked, it was then, around the time she was thirteen years old, that she realized she had manifested as a Guster.

When Artemis found out that Apollo made friends with a certain someone - and that someone was becoming more than just a friend - she remembered all her problems and suddenly was burdened with a lot. Especially considering her recent fallout with Apollo's parents regarding the reason he fell into depression. Suddenly, there were always bags under her eyes, she would fight with her parents about everything - especially when they brought up her their thoughts on her getting married - and would be easily annoyed and irritated about many things. And ever since she manifested as a Guster - and a very powerful one at that - pressure became a nightmare to her.


Parents - She hates them. Enough said.

Siblings - none.

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