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Ariadne Rene - Quiet✯Shade✯Thinker

- "With life, there is light. With death, there is darkness."
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Ariadne Rene

Owned and Roleplayed by Z

About Ariadne Rene
Full Name: Ariadne Alyssa Rene
Parents: Alyssa and Timothy Rene
Siblings: none
Friends: doesn’t have any
Nicknames: Ari
Birthday: June Fourth
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Ariadne is on the serious side. She does like to talk to people, but prefers to be alone. Ariadne can get people to open up easily. She’s extremely observant, and will likely catch you if you lie to her, which could also be to the fact she read your Shadowvapor, whether it was with or without your permission.


hates them

doesn’t have any

her family



Ariadne Rene was born to Emissaries Timothy and Alyssa Rene. Now, Timothy and Alyssa were good people. If the definition of good people was uptight, arrogant, and rude, they were good people.

Fast forward to Ari’s third birthday. She was already a free spirit, insisting on being called Ari, not Ariadne. Her parents disliked this, but knew that she’d gradually grow out of it.

another fast forward (because why not at this point) Ari is entering Level One. Exciting yes? Wrong. Ari’s parent’s were practically drowning her in all their expectations. It was enough to make a kid scream, don’t you think?

Hooray! Another fast forward! Ari’s now in Level Four. She has manifested as a Shafe, something her parents will gladly ignore and pretend Never happened. After all, wouldn’t you rather have a talentless daughter than Shade daughter? Her parents wanted her to register for the match, study harder, (because apparently, getting the highest grades four years in a row is not enough) etc. That’s when Ari finally snapped. She yelled at her parents. She felt bad about it later, yes, but it felt good to get it all out for once.

The night she yelled at her parents was also the worst day of her life. She ended up running away to her cousins and staying there for a bit. She eventually returned home, but nothing was the same with her parents.

Ariadne started becoming more serious. No more goofing off, playing pranks, or even being called Ari. She still let’s people call her that, but it isn’t the same as before. Ariadne is now 16.


Black hair with light blue eyes.

Eye Color: light blue
Hair Color: black hair
Height: 5’00”
Model: Luna Blaise


coding credits to Z

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