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An Introduction

If you have read the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger then you know that it takes place in an elvin world and follows young Sophie Foster and her friends while they fight the evil Neverseen with help from the mysterious and unhelpful Black Swan. If you have not read it then I’d recommend reading at least to the end of the 6th book, Nightfall, before starting this because, otherwise, it probably won’t make any sense at all. But this article does not follow Sophie’s adventures through the Lost Cities, in fact, it doesn’t follow her at all. This story begins before her while planning for what you all know as Project Moonlark…



Mr. Forkle was sitting on a cushioned rocking chair gazing out the window completely lost in his thoughts. Calla scanned the blueprints they had just been working on. They had just perfected the genetics for the strongest elf in the world, all they had to do was make it take a physical form. Their lab partners agreed that the telepathic ability would be inserted while she was asleep, but her super smart elf brain would still be there because of the genetics Calla had inserted. When the gnome was just about to leave the room for the night Mr. Forkle called her, “Calla, tell me again why you suggested we name this experiment Project Moonlark.” Calla blushed, “Well, it just made sense since Moonlarks send their eggs into the ocean, and we are sending our own into a sea of humans-“ Mr. Forkle interrupted her, “but some are not strong enough to survive the tortuous sea, just like our girl might not be strong enough to survive the tortures of all the things that are so poisonously placed in the Forbidden Cities. If she cannot survive things like the flu there’s no way she will survive the urge to join the Neverseen."

They both paused, how could they have not thought of this? They needed more than one Moonlark. Just like the adult Moonlarks, they couldn’t take chances. “We’ll make three, but we’ll need DNA from two other elves.  The mom will be the same but the dad will be different for each one” Calla said as she rushed to the computer. “My brother and I will watch after two.  Calla, find a gnome who can watch this first one. You created it 100% out of plain genetics and it could use some nature”, Mr. Forkle said, beginning to hail the other Mr. Forkle. Calla nodded “I found the fathers, Cassius and Kenric, and I’m thinking about the mother” Calla paused “Oriale or Edaline”. Mr. Forkle thought for a moment “Oriale, it will help get her into Foxfire.” Calla nodded in agreement. After a while Calla told Mr. Forkle “Lir is going to raise her, but can we please work out everything else in the morning. I know gnomes don’t sleep much, but the last time I Iay down my head on my pillow was when we were teaching her genetic subconscious to sleep, and that was two years ago!”. “Yes, of course Calla” Mr. Forkle chuckled “Oh that reminds me, did you insert those-“ but she was already gone.

The Beginning

“Freya, Frey? FREYA DAWSON WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!” I finally opened my eyes. “What!!? Ellie, let me sleep!” My best friend ignored my pleas and shook my arms, I finally opened my eyes wide enough to see the tears in her eyes. I suddenly sat up. “What happened? Did someone die? I knew it...” and then the realization hit me. Of course, how could I have forgotten? “No...” she said between sobs, she never finished that sentence. There was a silence, then we both erupted into tears. You see a couple weeks ago a man named Lir came and wanted to adopt a girl, (I live in an orphanage) and of course he picked me. 

I have lived in the orphanage for 11 years with no long lost relatives and no birth certificate and two different stories of how I got there. All the adults say I turned up at the door with a lady who claimed to have found me on the doorstep of a pound for dogs and took me to the orphanage. And when they asked for my birth certificate and any information she had about me, she just said if she found anything she’d contact them. The story Sara Lopez tells (she is the oldest orphan here) is the same, except that the woman came straight out of the woods and she looked very old but at the same time young. Weird right?

At 6:00 pm he was going to pick me up and I would never see Ellie, the rest of my friends, or the orphanage ever again. Taking this all in just made me cry more.  All I could say is, “Ellie, I’m going to miss you so much.” All she could respond was, “Me too Frey. Me too." After awhile she asked me what I was thinking. “Are we going to use the emergency money?” All I could do is nod. The emergency money is made for this exact circumstance, if we got adopted we would communicate through cell phones, of course we never thought it would happen. So we went into our loft and opened the secret vault. 

Compared to other orphanages, Saint Annie’s is pretty nice. Every volunteer there is really nice.  My groups counselor is Lena, and she is the best, I will miss her too. There is one room per two people and I share one with Ellie.  We have twin beds and bookstands, a book shelf and a pretty amazing loft with a secret compartment. Saint Annie’s has pretty amazing food too. The only thing it lacks is proper education -- but to be fair, I think everyone enjoys the Friday cupcakes more than the weekly pop-quizzes. They do teach your grade’s subject later in the day and offer tutoring for those who want to go to college. 

I took the money and we told Lena we were going to the mall and took off towards the new Apple Store near the orphanage. When we entered the store, both our minds raced to find the new phone we would get from the 2,000 dollars we had raised. We went up to the cashier desk and Ellie asked the woman, "Excuse me miss, do you have any phones that would cost us around 1,000 dollars?" she ended her question with a cute smile. "In fact we do have a couple left, would you like one?" the cashier replied, bringing out a shimmering phone. "Yes we'll take two," Ellie said politely. After getting the phones. Ellie and I squealed, then started to download the apps we needed. We had just enough money.  As Ellie and I walked around town, I knew life wouldn't be the same with out her, and boy was I right. Leaving Ellie changed everything. 

Pick Up

The rest of the day was amazing. Ellie and I went to the fair and we partied at a stranger’s birthday! It was so fun. But suddenly it was 5:30 and I was packing, Ellie got all of my books and put all of them but the two I was reading in the suitcase Lena had bought me as I folded the last of my clothes. Then Ellie tapped my shoulder. “Here,” she said, handing me a sparkling scrapbook. It had picture of all our time together since we were two to now. All I could do is hug her.

I was outside the orphanage with my bags. Ellie, Lena and the rest of my friends were huddled around me saying their goodbyes in a not-so-straight line. I was crying on Lena’s shoulder when I saw the man waiting patiently on the side. Lena let go as she said in her soft voice, “Now take care of yourself, and come visit soon,” I could see the tears in her eyes. “Goodbye, my dear. Good bye." Then it was Ellie's turn, we just cried and hugged for awhile then she said, “Frey you are the best friend I ever had and… well I never want to see you go but... here we are.” I finally walked into this man’s car and as I looked back I saw everyone crying on the sidewalk but Ellie…. who was running at the side of the car yelling “GOODBYE FREYA DAWSON, WE’LL MISS YOU” and then in a quiet voice “good bye Frey”. I will miss you Ellie, I will miss you so much.

It’s a tree. No, a garden… Oh, that's my house.

I looked at the giant pack of leaves then took out my phone, took a picture and sent it to Ellie. “Let me help you with your bags” Lir said. Wait what- I thought, but gave him my suitcase. My phone rang, Ellie had answered, What is it she had asked, I was about to answer her, but Lir spoke first, pulling vines off to reveal an oak door. “Welcome to your new home”

Lir showed me my room, I have to say for a nature geek his house was pretty modern, you know besides the fact that it looks like a giant pile of leaves from the outside. The thing I loved most about it was the food, I became vegetarian, the only meat I ate was chicken. I still texted Ellie every day and met up with her on weekends when we would work at Lena’s resturant. I loved the leaf house and Lir and his “work buddy” Mataya, but that didn’t stop me from missing the orphanage, I cried a lot but once Lir found out I was sad he must of bought some flowers and they made me happier, but nothing erased the memory of me saying goodbye to Ellie. Even the surprise Lir had for me by the end of our first week.

“Look I’m so sorry I have to do this, but…” Lir said “You see Freya I need to send you to school”. “Really, I get to go to actually school” I said excitedly. “Oh, you're excited, good” Lir replied relieved. My school was called “MP3” and my first day was August 26th. I told Ellie and she was so jealous but she worried because she thought I would make a new best friend and forget about her, but I never did. On my first day I got a little worried, I thought that they would make fun of me because I was a year ahead.  You see I took the test for this school and they said I should be in 8th grade, luckily Lir only allowed them to assign me in 7th grade. At 7:00 am Ellie texted me Don’t be worried, just answer 3 questions max in each class and you will be fine. I’d try, I’d try for Ellie. 

Three months later

I watered my flowers then took out my phone as I looked through my messages, both Ellie and Lir had texted me. Ellie had said, Do u want to go to the fair Friday? and I answered her Yeah!!!!!! Then I saw Lir had texted me I wont be home till later tonight so I left dinner on the stove, and make sure to go to sleep at 8. I answered Ok and went to the kitchen for dinner. Lir had told me someone from work would be there and they sure were. Both Mataya and Lir’s boss Mr. Forkle were there, Lir had left noodle soup and white bean soup in the microwave. I sat down next to Mataya and my therapist Luca who was also there. Once I finished my dinner I said goodbye to everyone and went up to my room to finish my homework. 

By the time I was done with my homework it was 7:45 so I got in bed and read for fifteen minutes. I went to sleep and had the weirdest dream. it was pretty scary too, there was this weird guy leaning over me. Then when I woke up I heard voices, I looked around to see who was talking but no one was there. When I got downstairs the voices had muffled, but a new one had come. Lir’s voice. At school the voices followed me everywhere and they did for the next year. Until I met him. Until I left Ellie for good.

One Year Later

Brrrrring, Brrrrring kids ran passed me as I tried to copy down the rest of my homework. I finally gave up and ran out of the door. As I walked down the street a boy tapped my shoulder “Are you Freya?” he said in a un-familiar accent, British? “Umm yeah why” I answered cautiously. “Thank goodness, I’ve been looking for you forever” he answered relieved, No, he was definitely Australian. I backed away slowly “Ummm, I actually have to go home my dad’s waiting” I started running. “No no no no no no no. You can not leave. My dad will get so mad if I came so close and lost you” he said.  Nope, he is Irish or French. I started running, in full sprint. I heard him yell “No Frey” then I stoped in my tracks. Only Ellie called me Frey. Like only only Ellie, if he was calling me “Frey” something had happened. “Take me there” I said grabbing his shoulders tight “Ahhh, ok I guess, but I’m not really supposed to so…”  he said        “Yeah, I don’t care. Take-me-there” I said seriously, I needed to save Ellie and this dumb-dumb wasn’t going to stop me. “Fine, fine” he said, brushing his hair out of his eyes, Oh my gosh his eyes. They were teal, like teal teal, it was weird. But that didn’t matter right now, Ellie needed me.

“So whats your name” I said while we were running to the orphanage. “Fitz” he said caching up to me. “There is no rush you know, we have all day”. I looked at him like he had just said we lived in the land of Harry Potter and I was an Alien that would eventually become Superman and Batman’s step-grandmas second niece twice removed. Yup, that was my dream last night and something about me actually being an elf, but that was so unrealistic. “ Someone could be DYING right now” I said letting the words sink in  “I wish we could just leap there, it would be so much faster”. “You’re right, come on” he said dragging me over to an alley way. “What did I just say… what is that?” I said as he pulled out a magic wand “Concentrate, your life depends on it” he said obviously over- foreshadowing the moment. “WHAT” I yell, but concentrate when the light consumes me, I concentrate on Ellie.


"What was THAT?!” I yell, then see the giant castle in front of me and my mouth falls open, "So glitteryyyyyy!” I start screaming my head off and run to the glitter madness. Next thing I know I hit a wall, no- an invisible wall, "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?!” I yell like a maniac. "Wow, calm down fangirl" says a voice behind me. I turned around, it had't been the strange accented voice that I thought it would be. I saw a blond boy with a mischievous grin and ice blue eyes. Fitz rolled his eyes, "This is Keefe, he has a talent for being extremely annoying". "So true, Fitzapoo" Keefe said, patting Fitz on the back. Now I saw it, the tiny hearts in Keefe's eyes were really obvious, Ellie would go straight into action, teasing both these boys. I, on the other hand, felt like rolling my eyes, but I needed answers first. “So, lets talk reality,” I paused to increase the effect, "WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I?!” “You're in the Lost Cities" Fitz said, quite seriously. "I am also very talented in the art of styling hair" said Keefe, obviously in his own world. "Oh yeah I totally know what that means" I say sarcastically. “It's where you belong" Fitz replied. “What is happening, I belong with Ellie and Lena and the rest of my friends” I say getting really annoyed, “But aren’t they human" this time Keefe says it, “Yeah, and why wouldn’t they be…..” I say really confused. “Wait she doesn't know” Fitz said looking just as confused as her. “ Oh, oh, oh ,oh, can I tell her pleeeeeease can I tell her” Keefe said jumping up and down then raising his hand. “Sure, why not” Fitz said putting his head in his hand.  “Guess what” Keefe  said with a creepy smile on his face “You’re and elf!”. Something inside me stoped moving, I put my hand on my chest, yup it was definitely my heart. The words sank in, then once I regained my breath I freaked. “AN ELF!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING" I say Oh no I have pointy ears, not pointy ears!!!!!! 

And... The Weird Dreams have Started

Yeah, then I fainted. It’s not my fault, I am not that fragile or anything but this is surprising people, so don’t judge. I remember falling onto the sparkly grass (so nice of them for not caching me) and then blacking out. My dream was about Ellie, but when we were two. We were playing and it was so calm and fun that when I finally noticed the people behind us, my heart jumped. Some were laughing, some smiling and others just standing there creepily. The weirdest thing was that I knew them. They were Lir, Mataya and Mr. Forkle, some other people too. Most of them looked as nature-obsessed as Lir, the others were weird looking, like one was made of rocks (if that even makes sense) and people were calling him Granite. Then I heard a voice. I knew the voice. Suddenly a song popped in my head.

My dear little Moonlark come off of the ground

One more time inches keep you safe and sound 

One more time inches keep you safe and sound

No more than love is needed in life

Later, later, later in the night, never, never, never think twice

All the way out there we see in the shore

Riding in wheels as we ride alicorns

Kindly we sit as we teach them forever, maybe one day we’ll all play together

Then the voice said Trust us Freya, we need you.

My dream suddenly changed. I saw Ellie, the 12 year old Ellie, that I saw two days ago, in the orphanage. Screaming. Fire in her dark brown hair. Sweat on her pale face. And then words. “HELP! HELP!”, more words, I couldn’t do anything “NO, YOU’LL NEVER CATCH HER, SHE’S TOO STRONG” then Ellie fell back, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.  Then whispering “This is my last goodbye Frey” then she froze, the emerald necklace I had given her flew towards my face, then disappeared into my hand. Two small words crept out of her mouth “Protect… Mare-ella”. Then Ellie Renos, my Ellie, died.  

Not Mare, Not Ella

I laid on the soft beach sand, this was my third time going to the beach this week. I knew some bribery had to be happening. But what could my grandfather do, he was a strict old man who forced his own granddaughter to call him Mr. Forkle. I didn’t really care though, I looked up at the sky nervously. There!  the thing I was looking for, I waved at the long gold peacock-like bird flying in the sky. I saw it every day when I went to the beach. Suddenly another bird flew next to the first bird, it looked the same but it was black and silver, instead of white and gold. The first bird screeched and then flew away. I heard my mom's voice behind me, but I was too entranced by the black bird to turn. Suddenly, the bird flew down onto my lap, I smiled.  It looked so cute, until it stabbed my stomach. I heard my mom scream. My fast beating heart stopped. Then I knew I was dead.

I woke up as a different person, but I soon adapted. I was Marella Dorothy Radek. My mother needed help and my dad wasint even part of the nobility. Oh yeah, I was also an elf with red hair and wrinkled clothes that attended Level 1 in Foxfire. I later found out that the old me was dead, and my grandfather had gone missing. I cared inside but never showed it. I was not Michelle Thomas any more. I was Marella Radek. Not Mare, not Ella, just plain Marella Radek. Who was always looking for the Moonlark Prattles pin, to get revenge on the bird that ruined my life.   

Waking Up

Everything changed when I woke up. I was now inside the glittery magic castle that had caused me to run into the stupid invisible wall. "AHHHHHHH" I screamed punching the nearest person in the face, who just happened to be Fitz. "Wow calm down" Keefe said, him, Fitz, and two other men were in the humongous room I was in. "Take me to Ellie" I told Fitz, standing up "Use that magic wand thigy of yours". "It's called a-" Fitz started, but I cut him off "Dude, Ellie might be dead, take me there NOW" I said getting really angry and scared now. "Fine, come on" he said waving Keefe over, then a girl walked in. "Fitz, where are you going?" she said tossing her long brown hair over her shoulder, I could already tell she had a crush on Keefe, I knew stuff like that. "Umm, to Atlantis with some of my friends" Fitz said nervously, suddenly her eyes fell on me. "You mean Keefe and your girlfr-" she started, "Hey Biana, I think Della wanted you in the kitchen" one man said leading Biana out of the way. Fitz sighed "Freya I need you to picture the place you want to go and concentrate hard, okay?", I nodded, then me and Keefe grabbed Fitz's hand and a bright light took over our body.   


We landed a couple yards in front of the orphanage, and, like I was dreading, it was on fire. I saw Lena, Sara (Lopez) and some older kids carrying the orphans out of the flames that were now covering the orphanage, I saw my other friend, Maya, coughing and running as far from the fire as she could. I caught up to her, and as if reading my mind, she said "Ellie is still in there" then ran off. As Fitz and Keefe's eyes opened they gasped, but I ran towards the fire. I had one thought Ellie. I ran up the stairs screaming her name and tripping over several other orphans, then ordering them out of the fire. Finally I reached the balcony where my dream had taken place, and there I saw Ellie, here brown hair spread out on the wooden deck. "NOOO, ELLIE, WAKE UP" I said un able to restrain my tears "I'm here Ellie, Frey's here for you" my tears rolled of my chin and on to Ellie's face. Her eyes fluttered open for just a second, and I thought it was going to be like the scene in Rapunzel when everyone is safe and alive, but she lived just long enough to say this; "Freya this is important I need you to- to.... protect her.. protect the other Moonlarks... goodbye Frey", and then Ellie Renos died, actually died, with a smile on her face.        

Life Lesson 1: You Can Always Trust a Goat With Your BFF's Soul!!!

"FREYA" Fitz says from behind me "You cant just-" he and Keefe suddenly gasp. I turn around to see the fear and worry in there eyes as they look at Ellie's lifeless body. Keefe sat next to me and put a hand on my shoulder "Is that... Ellie". All I can do is nod. Then I realize we are still in a 5 story building that is being devoured by flames. "We should probably go" I say, wiping my eyes, Fitz nods and both boys take one of my hands. Fitz takes out his magic wand thingy and raises it to the sky, I take one last glance at Ellie and see a glimmering shape on her blue shirt. "Wait" I say letting go of the boys hand, I kneel down beside Ellie and take the goat charm on her emerald necklace that was the gift I gave her when we parted ways last year. I grab my identical goat necklace, purple instead of green, and something takes over me. I whisper something into the charm, just my thoughts, it goes something like this;    

"Ellie you'll come back, I promise, I will bring you to me, I'm going to do anything for you.    

Just don't give up, I wont, so just stay with me"    

Witch seemed to sound something like this;    

"Ellie Reno, you shall be back from the dead, I will bring you back even when you dread.    

If you fail I wont prevail, just stay in the realm of the living intel it's safe to come out.    

No more of that is what I need, but I whisper when you need to plead so stay here and I will be with you.    

Forever more than what we do"    

"I'm ready" I say, just noticing the necklaces glowing. I grab Fitz and Keefe's hand and nod. While the magic wand's light starts to erupt I see I water bubble forming around Ellie, keeping her safe, I knew what I was doing, the whispers I had said, the water I had just created, they were part me, I was part of something. I just didn't know what yet.                            

How to Believe Wrinkle Face

We arrive back at the glittery castle and millions if questions pop into my head. Two men are there waiting for us, one is the man who lead Biana away, but the other…

“Why- What- How” I start muttering like crazy “What are YOU doing here?!” I finally tell Mr. Forkle.

“Alden” Keefe asks the other man “Who’s wrinkle face, ‘cause he’s really freaking Freya out”

“This man, wrinkle face I guess” Alden responds “Is Mr. Forkle, one of Freya’s creators”.

“Your one of my what!” I say, whipping my head around.

“Your creator” Mr. Forkle said “I created you out of elvin genetics”. He’s saying it so calmly. What’s up with this dude?

“Excuse me?” I say backing away “So I’m basically experiment?!” I can’t help but turn pale.

Sadly, Mr. Forkle joins me in the turning pale department “Erm.. Well I...Umm” he says turning even more pale than before “Freya, the truth is...You were never an experiment” at that relief takes over me “You were...You-You were a mistake.”                            

The Story of My Life

My brain is overflowing with information. Ellie’s death. Controlling water. Sounding wise and prophetic. Being an elf. Being a mistake. “Excuse me” I start but Keefe and Fitz interrupt me.

“Freya’s no mistake” they say through gritted teeth.

“Boys…” Mr. Forkle starts “This isn't the kind of mistake your thinking about…” I raise an eyebrow and he continues “You see, we created three moonlarks, powerful elves like Freya. Freya… wasn't one. Our first Moonlark was our most powerful, the night before the morning we were going to give her to St. Annie at her orphanage, something happened. We didn't find it out until later, when it was to late. You appeared with a clock, a sparkling clock in your hand. We only saw this through our glitching security cameras, so we only saw a little bit. You were young, only two or so... but the next thing we new, you had replaced our moonlark. Destroyed her... The only thing you had similar was...your eyes-your purple eyes”                            

I Invent a Superpower

You would think that knowing your past would answer a lot of questions, but this just filled my head with even more.

“But what about the controlling water thingy, and the voices and the whispering thing I did to Ellie” I say, feeling helpless.

“Those are your abilities” Mr. Forkle said, proudly “A Hydrokenetic, Telepath and something we like to call Whispers. It’s a sort of Prophet” he finished.

I looked at him with a astonished face and of course he had to make it worse “You should also be manifesting as a Phaser in a couple seconds”

I backed away to the corner “What is- Woah!” I suddently fell through the wall to see a woman with dark brown hair and a kind smile.

I gasped, she reminded me of Lena. Every detail about her was kind and confident. Tears ran down my cheeks and I crumpled to the floor, sobbing like an idiot.

“Oh darling” the woman says, sitting next to me “what’s wrong?”

For a second, I explode. I tell her everything. About being a mistake, inventing a superpower, even Ellie’s death. I ranted for a minute, then cried for another.

“Oh darling” the woman says “I’m Della, and that stupid man was my husband Alden” she lends me a hand and we walk back to the room.

“You must have so many questions”.

I just nod.

Once we get inside I notice Mr. Forkle has left. Thank the gods.

Della starts yelling at Alden, who looks like he wants to disappear.

"Woah, Della" Keefe finally says "Calm down"

Della completely ignores Keefe and continues to yell at Alden, "And sending her to the Songs! The most unstable family! Grady and Edaline would have been better!".

"W-Wait" Fitz starts "Are you replacing Linh with Freya?" I look at Keefe, lost.

"No!" Alden yelled"She hasn't been sent to Exillium yet, stop acting like she already left!"

I look between the family "WHO ARE THE SONGS?! WHATS HAPPENING?! WHERE IS EXILLIUM?!" I yell.                            

Everything is Explained! But Not Really...

Everyone ignored me once more and kept arguing.

"SHUT UP AND EXPLAIN YOUR STUPID WORLD TO ME" she yelled, finally getting everyones attention.

They then tell me everything about how Linh's uncontrollable ability (A/N This is before the flooding of Atlantis). How she almost killed everyone. How there was something.... wrong about her ability.

By the end I was speechless. "Wow" I said, still shocked.

"Let me show you" Alden took my hand and held up a magic wand thingy, but it had a different crystal color.

Suddenly, we appeared infront of a smaller mansion. It stands in front of a glimmering beach with blue, green and purple ocean animals swimming magically.

"Ah, Alden" A man says, opening the oak door to the mansion "I see you brought.... What is your name?"

"Freya" I whispered just loud enough so he could hear.

"Ah, Freya, yes" he responds "Quan" he hold out a hand and I shake it nervously.

An awkward falls and I fiddle with my hair, keeping my eyes glued to the floor.

"Well..." Alden says awkwardly "I better go. We have to plan the tribunal" at this he looks away from the Song household.

After the long seconds after Alden leaves, Quan opens the door to their house "How about you get to now the rest of my family? You'd be suprised how much you have in common with Tam and Linh"

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