This page will have a record, or archive, of all past announcements, starting from Tuesday, January 1st, 2019.

  • NH = Northern Hemisphere
  • SH = Southern Hemisphere
  • Dates are written as MM/DD/YYYY

See the announcements for winter (NH)/summer (SH) 2018-19
Title Link Date (UTC)
1 New Year, New Us User blog:Rizi213/New Year, New Us 01/05/2019
2 New Admins User blog:Rizi213/New Admins 01/07/2019
3 New Storyline! User blog:Z-FunWithBooks/New Storyline! 01/21/2019
4 Maze Roleplay! User blog:Z-FunWithBooks/Maze Roleplay! 01/28/2019
5 Let the maze roleplay commence! User blog:Light and Bright/Let the maze roleplay commence! 02/05/2019
6 Glowing fungus school starts soon! User blog:Light and Bright/Glowing fungus school starts soon! 02/11/2019
7 Maze roleplay winners! User blog:Light and Bright/Maze roleplay winners! 02/12/2019
8 A little summary of what's been going on here User blog:Light and Bright/A little summary of what's been going on here 02/15/2019
9 Foxfire Mentors Discussion Forum Post 02/18/2019
10 Time zone poll User blog:Light and Bright/Time zone poll 03/07/2019
11 Foxfire deadlines and information to know User blog:Light and Bright/Foxfire deadlines and information to know 03/09/2019
12 Foxfire Finalizations User blog:Light and Bright/Foxfire Finalizations 03/18/2019

See the announcements for spring (NH)/autumn (SH) 2019
Title Link Date (UTC)
1 Let Foxfire Begin! User blog:Rizi213/Let Foxfire Begin! 03/20/2019
2 New Wordmark Contest! Wordmark 03/24/2019
3 Come vote for our wiki's next wordmark! Wordmark 04/07/2019
4 Wordmark poll has been reset, please take note of the new rule set into place Wordmark 04/08/2019
5 Clarifications on the timeline of our roleplay feature User blog:Light and Bright/Roleplay timeline clarification 04/16/2019
6 And the winner is... User blog:Gildie-Everblaze/Wordmark 04/16/2019
7 Information regarding foxfire midterms User blog:Light and Bright/Foxfire Midterms 04/20/2019
8 Midterms break and essay grading information User blog:Light and Bright/Grading Foxfire Midterms 05/06/2019
9 Midterms Report Cards User blog:Charlotte O CATS KOTLC/Midterms Report Cards 05/13/2019
10 Domain Change Poll User blog:Gildie-Everblaze/Domain Poll 05/22/2019
11 More about domains... User blog:Light and Bright/Domain names 05/23/2019
12 Clearing up some things about domain names... User blog:Light and Bright/Domain 05/25/2019
13 Department Icons Competition Forum/Competitions/Department Icons 05/26/2019
14 Scroll to the bottom of the page to vote for your favorite set of icons! Forum/Competitions/Department Icons 06/06/2019
15 Information regarding Foxfire finals User blog:Light and Bright/Foxfire Finals Announcement 06/09/2019
16 Exillium applications for Waywards and coaches are now open! Exillium 06/11/2019

Title Link Date (UTC)
1 The end of one journey is always the start of another User blog:Light and Bright/The end of the Foxfire term 06/21/2019
2 Are we all still interested in the Exillium roleplay? User blog:Light and Bright/Are we all still interested in Exillium? 06/23/2019
3 Exillium Character Approval in One Step User blog:Light and Bright/Exillium Character Approval in One Step 06/23/2019
4 Reminder: To attend the first week of Exillium and more, please start/finish your application forms! Exillium 06/29/2019
5 Some Information Before Exillium Starts User blog:Light and Bright/Some Information Before Exillium Starts 06/30/2019
6 Let the Exillium roleplay commence! User blog:Light and Bright/Let the Exillium roleplay commence 07/01/2019
7 Foxfire applications are open for new students only User blog:Light and Bright/Foxfire applications are open for new students only 08/17/2019
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