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Birthday: November 6th
Age: 15
Orientations: Bisexual
Species: Elf
Talent: Vanisher
School: Foxfire
Occupation: Student (L5)
Location: Foxfire
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: TBD
Accent: TBD
Affiliations: Foxfire
Status: Alive

Model: Dove Cameron

Her platinum blonde hair and blue eyes are both common traits from an Everleigh. Similar to her sister and father, her unique physical features definitely have Angel stand out of a crowd.


Angel's quite chill, especially compared to her crazy little family. She doesn't feel pressured often, even in stressful situations, and knows how to take a breather once in a while. She's calm and you'll never see her worrying. Rather than, she'll most likely be trying to find a solution so she doesn't feel like she could worry. Though, sometimes she'll just not care about certain things at all which can lead to problems. She's often late to events or other things and loves to procrastinate all the time. Though, at least, when she's put in a worry situation like having to do the thing she had procrastinated, she doesn't get anxious or nervous over it.

Confidence has never been something Angel has struggled with. Is she vain or cocky? If you ask her, that would be a for sure no. She just knows to hold her head high. She's not afraid to look good and know that she really does. It's also important for her to boost others confidence. Someone talking trash on themselves? That's a no in Angel's book. Her conversations often start with compliments, genuine always. It definitely keeps a good balance for her, feeling confident in herself and make sure others feel the same way about themselves.

The Everleighs were always a notable family. Full of mentors, occasional councillors, and practically any other respectable job. Occasionally, there would be let downs and children disowned, but luckily enough, James Everleigh was not one of them. It was known from even at a young age that he was talented. A polygot and vanisher, he never failed to disappoint people with his abilities... and definitely proved that he belonged in the Everleigh legacy as well. He began to date Lara Hadley during his last year of Foxfire, another talented elf from an important family. So, there wasn't any complaints from either side's family when they got married three years later.

Amelia Everleigh was born three years after the wedding, Angelina - or Angel since she's never been a fan of her long name - being born two years after her. From the bat, it was clear that the oldest daughter was a clear daddy's girl while Angel leaned more towards her mother. The thing with Amelia was that she wanted to be her father so bad. She wanted to impress him. Prove to him she was just as talented and could fulfill the family legacy just as much as he had. Angel on the other hand? She didn't really care. Yeah, sometimes she was jealous that her sister always seemed to come out on top. Prove to be the smarter sister. But Angel just never had as much want in her to prove anything to anyone.

Although Amelia had wanted to have the same ability as her father - guess a side effect to wanting to be him and all - and become a vanisher, she ultimately proved to be a empath. Though, the irony of the situation would show when two years later, Angel's ability would show she's a vanisher... just like her father and what her sister wanted to become. The table certainly had turned then, jealousy-wise. Throughout the years, Angel proved to be quite talented at Foxfire. Maybe not as skilled as her sister, but by the time she's heading off to year five, she surely isn't anywhere close to the worst student there.


  • James Everleigh (Father) - Angel has a decent relationship with her father. Nothing like Amelia and him, but they're still quite close.
  • Lara Everleigh (Mother) - Angel can for sure say she's a lot closer with her mother than father. If she ever needs to talk to someone, her mother is the first person to go to.
  • Amelia Everleigh (Sister) - Although there is a teensy bit of sibling rivalry with the two - mostly by Amelia since Angel doesn't really care about any of that stuff - she really does love her older sister with all her heart.

  • Complimenting the heck out of someone
  • Ability-wise, she's quite talented in that aspect.
  • Working under stressful situations.
  • Knowing when to take a chill pill.

  • She's one of those people who'll stay up until six in the morning and complain, nap, and drink a lot of coffee the whole next day.
  • Although not usually one to frequent a party, when she comes to one, she gets wildddd.
  • She's a decent singer but due to the fact of terrible stage fright, she only sings in privacy.
  • She hates uncomfortable clothing. A lot. You'll only ever see her in comfy sweats and whatnot.


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