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Angel Strian ❇ Angelic Listener ✐ Grieving Friend
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Angel Strian

Owned and Roleplayed by Lexi

About Angel Strian
Full Name: Angel Strian
Parents: Tiffany Strian, Jason Strian
Siblings: Helena Strian(4 years younger), Fred Strian(2 years younger)
Friends: A lot
Nicknames: None, to be honest
Birthday: October 13th
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Angel is kind and generous, and smiles often. He loves hugs and is very bright. He was also kind of insecure before he manifested because he did not what others thought of him. and wanted everyone to like him. After he manifested as am Empath his ability was surprisingly advanced than other Empaths, since he could feel other people's emotions if they are 10 footsteps away from him. He's kind and caring to his siblings, and generally is a nice guy.


Tiffany Strian(mother), Jason Strian(father), Helena Strian(sister), Fred Strian(brother)

A lot




Angel is from the upper-middle class, and his mother is an emissary while his father works in Atlantis. He has a brother named Fred(he likes to call him Freddy) who's 2 years younger than him, and a younger sister named Helena who's 4 years younger than him. He manifested as an Empath when he was a Level 3, and his former best friend is Admon. His parents showered him with love and always taught him to be kind and welcoming. He is in Level 7.

Angel's family was a long generation of Emissaries. His mother was one, his grandfather was one, and so on. Both side of his family expected him to be one as well. They wanted him to have a stable position in the Nobility and lead a normal, healthy life. And Angel was naturally good at his subjects in Foxfire. He got all As and sometimes got Bs and he was popular within his peers due to his bright and kind personality. He stopped being friends with Admon after seeing how he changed. He still cares about him, but does not show it.


Angel has black hair, but dyes his hair to blond often, and has dark blue eyes

Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Black(often dyes it to blond)
Height: 173cm
Model: Jimin(BTS)

Go and search him up on google he's everywhere

coding credits to Z

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