Spoiler Level: Lodestar

by SophitzFoster

(Not my best work, but I decided to post anyway.)

Describe your ideal match, the question read.

But… what was his ideal match?

Fitz set down his red pen and leaned on his elbow. He wanted someone.. Intelligent. Brave. Someone that loved and showed her love, like his mother. Someone deep, layered, not superficial. Who stood out, was kind, and was someone his parents would love.

He wanted…


Sophie was intelligent and brave. She showed her love by standing up for what she believed in. Although she didn’t always follow the rules when she did so.. But neither did his parents. The Council wasn’t always right.

He stood up and began to pace his expansive bedroom.

Sophie was the most complicated elf he had ever met. Her feelings were deep, and she was kind and just. She stood out from every other elf. And his parents loved her.

But Sophie didn’t always stand out in a good way to most of the world… Including his extended family…

Fitz was part of the Black Swan too. If Sophie was watched, it was because she deserved it. She didn’t just sit by and let bad people win.

Like Alvar…

He threw himself in his chair. Alvar didn’t deserve his thoughts.

He picked up his pen and wrote:

My ideal match is Sophie Foster, the elf who is changing the world.
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