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Lady Alexis Opal Outgoing✯Charger✯Mentor ✯ Happy Person
"There is always something to live for."
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Alexis Opal
Owned and RPed by Z

Basic Info

Full Name Alexis Lyla Opal
Age adult (age is irrelevant)
Ability Charger
Birthday April 1st
Mother Aria Opal
Father Eric Opal
Siblings Mariah Opal


Alexis Opal was always a good person. Right from the start, she was extremely out going. Her parents loved her for this, and she and them were extremely close.

BUT THEN... she went to Foxfire. Her out-going self was extremely popular, and pretty much everyone liked her. And she liked everyone.

In her Second Level, she manifested as a Charger. She was extremely interested in her ability, and started trying to learn more about it. At the time, she was studious, and went on to go to the Elite Levels.

After graduating from the Elite Levels, she tried more and more things with her ability. She eventually went on to become a Foxfire SAF (Special Ability Focus) Session Mentor. She’s extremely kind towards students, and most of them like her.

She eventually lost ties with her friends from Foxfire, although she has become friends with most of the staff.

One day, while she was teaching at Foxfire, she got a call on her imparter. Her sister gave birth to a girl named Lyla Opal. (I have permission from Crystal for this part) Little did she know, Lyla was abanded and adopted. To this day, she is still looking for Lyla.

To this date, she teaches at Foxfire. But she was never the same after Lyla’s disappearance. Everyone could tell that. The way she taught, and talked, wasn’t the same. After a few years, she got better. At least, that’s how people saw it. Her ability is a little unstable after Lyla’s disappearance, and she taught less and less to avoid hurting people.


She’s outgoing and kind. She loves helping students with things, and likes interacting with people. She often dismisses rude behavior and only gives detention if a student misses their class.

After Lyla’s disappearance, however, she became a little reserved and less caring. A few years after that, she was the same person again, at least, that’s what people could tell...


brown hair and blue eyes


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