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Alex’s parents were Talentless, but he didn’t let it get to him. Aliya and Darian encourged Alex to not let anything get to his head, and to just ignore them. They told him that the people who say bad stuff to him are just jealous and don’t deserve his friendship. Everyone was convinced Alex wouldn‘t manifest, but they were wrong. Alex manifested as a Conjour, and the look and their faces when they found out, was the best thing he could ask for. Everyone was embarrassed that they were wron, and avoided him. He soon discovered that they didn’t want to be his frien, so he spent an entire level alone, with no friends. 

Alex finally made a friend on the next level. He met Ayden Carmen when he was being insulted and embarrassed in front of everyon. Ayden came along, gave “the glare” to everyone, and told them that if they messed with Alex again, they’d have to deal with Ayden. No one wanted to mess with Ayden. They’d heard of his pranks, and stuff he had done. It wasn’t something they wanted to witness and have happen to them.

Ayden and Alex became best friends. They both loved prancing, and Bramble, and they were both good at PE. They were both known as The Prank Masters. 


Coming from a Talentless family, Alex learned not to let words hurt him. Though he also craves attention and can be very dramatic at times. He loves pranking others, and can be funny. He can be kind to those who deserve his kindness, and friendly to those who deserve his friendshi.

Alex is fairly good at most of his subjects at school, amazing at PE, Bramble, and basically anything sports-related. He is also a prank master and enjoys helping out when he can.


He is a conjuror. His model is Carson Lueders.

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