Alden + Della, Alina Fanfic.

Chapter 1: Alina POV

I strolled through the halls of the Silver Tower, just having finished her last beguiling session she would ever take at Foxfire. Tomorrow morning was my graduation, and in the evening was the graduation ball where all the graduates would dance and party celebrating the finishing of their education at Foxfire.

I wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to go to Atlantis to find an elegant long gown for graduation and a gown for the ball. Foxfire rules stated that the gown worn at graduation, must be at the highest ankle length; cream, dark purple, green, or blue, in color; and have a silver sash where an ability pin would be placed. The gown could be anything as long it was appropriate.

With that in mind, I briskly walked to the Leapmaster, stepped on it, and shouted, “Silver Grove.”

The Leapmaster flashed, and I appeared outside a posh manor with a domed roof. The manor was made from silver and crystal, but the dome was made from rose quartz making the roof look pale pink if the lighting was a certain way. The manor was surround by Aspen and Birch trees, creating a homey feel.

I walked in the front door. I sighed in content, finally being home after 2 months. My parents, are most likely working, overseeing the work in the Sanctuary, which is why they are not home. I sighed walking into my spacious room, and quickly changed out of my Foxfire uniform, and put on a pale blue tunic that complemented my caramel streaks in my hair. I walked to the Leapmaster to go to Atlantis, but not before getting a bag, to carry the accessories and the gown that I would buy.

“Atlantis!” I shouted, ready to do some shopping.

I arrived at the rock beach and grabbed the small vial. I smashed it on the rock and jumped into the whirlpool the vial created. I landed on the sponge that dried my off.

I don’t know what I would do without that drying sponge. Probably never come to Atlantis!

Then I walked of Misty’s Gowns to find a dress, and right before I got in the door...... I tripped over a handsome teal eyed elf.

Chapter 2: Alden’s POV

“Are you okay?” I asked the brown-haired girl, reaching my hand out to her to help her up.

The girl reached for his hand, and I pulled her up. When she got up, she said, “I’m fi-.”

She cut herself of, staring at me, making me uncomfortable even though most female elves around my age do that.

Do I have something on my face? To break the awkward silence, I said, “I’m Alden.”

She muttered, “I know,” much to my amusement then said louder, “I’m Alina.”  

Alina seemed nice and not like all the girls throwing themselves at me, so I asked, “I'm sorry for making you trip. As an apology do you want to go to a bakery?”

Alina seemed lost in her head but shook out of it and replied, “Sure.”

Together we walked to the bakery where Alina immediately ordered some mallowmelt. The baker gave her the treat and she finished it faster than anyone I’d ever seen before. She turned back to me, looking embarrassed and said, “Do you want anything?”

Alina just kept amusing him. I walked up to the baker and said, “Some mint-chocolate ripplefluffs please.”

As soon as the baker gave the ripplefluffs, I sat down on a table with Alina following suit. We started talking and found that we have much in common. We both have aspirations to be Emissaries, registered for a match list but hadn't picked up a list, had parents in Nobility, that had a lot of expectations. Both were officially graduating tomorrow.

Should I ask Alina to the ball? Should I not? My parents and the Elvin world are expecting me as a Vacker to bring a date. On a split-second decision I blurted out, “Do you want to go to the ball with me?”

Chapter 3: Alina POV

Alden, Alden Vacker is asking me, a nobody to the ball. I stared at Alden, and he stared back. Just as he started saying, “It’s fine if you don’t want to go wi-.”

I quickly cut in, “I’d like to with you. Only as friends of course.”

Do I really want to be just friends? Maybe if I really like him in a couple of years.

Relieved he said, “Yes, as friends.” Alden’s imparter rang. He looked at me.

“You should take that. I expect you have to go to your house anyways.” I said.

As Alden left, I started daydreaming. I’ll wear my hair in a beautiful way and wear the most beautiful gown… Wait I must get a gown.

Quickly I ran to Misty’s Gowns, and picked out a couple of nice graduation gowns. After trying on numerous gowns, I found one that I liked. It was made from royal blue colored silk, with diamond encrusted at the neckline and edges of the skirt. Then I began looking for a gown for the ball.

I think Alden would wear something teal, as it makes his eyes pop, so I’ll try to find a teal dress.

I found two teal gowns, one with a sweetheart neckline and poufy skirt that looked tacky on her, and the other with a high neck and regal skirt. I liked the high necked one better, so I bought it along with the royal blue gown.

I got in a bubble and floated away and reached the beach where a Leapmaster was located. I shouted, “Silver Grove.” I stepped into the beam of light thinking about the ball, my graduation, and my date. The beam flashed and she was whisked away.

Chapter 4: Alina POV

I woke up bright and early to get ready for the graduation. I took a bath, and washed my hair wanting it to shine. As I was drying my hair, my imparter rang.

I hope it Alden. I looked at the screen and it was Alden.

“Hi Alina.”

“Hey Alden.”

“About the whole date thing…” My heart sank. He was going to say that he was joking about taking me or he was taking someone else.

“…where are we going to meet?” I was shocked, but I didn’t show it.

“You could pick me up at my house, or we can meet somewhere in Foxfire after the graduation?” I replied.

“I’ll pick you up at your house. What’s the name of your house?” Alden asked, seeming a little bashful.

“Silver Grove.”

“Great. I’ll see you after the graduation, 15 minuets before the ball starts.”

With that final word Alden disconnected his imparter and hung up.

Setting the imparter down, I let out a squeal. I can’t believe I am Alden’s date to the ball, even if it is just as friends.

I reached up and touched my hair. It had dried during the conversation. I ran to her closet and took out the elegant royal blue gown I bought for her graduation. I slipped into it. Looking at the mirror I put my hair in a high bun, with a braid on the side - tucked into her bun, making me seem more regal. Then I put on silver colored kitten heels and walked out the door of Silver Grove not before grabbing the silver sash.

I walked over to the Leapmaster and shouted, “Foxfire.” A crystal lowered, caught light, and created a beam. I stepped into the beam and was whisked away.

Alina landed at Foxfire, where hundreds of elves and their parents were. I mingled around until Magnate Prentice Endal, called “Line up graduates.”

He then started talking, “Welcome parents, to the graduation the elite level students…” I zoned out and started daydreaming about Alden. I couldn’t seem to get him out of her head, even though they just met.

Just then I heard a name being called out, “Adelaide Burke.” The graduating call began.

The next was, “Adonis Dixon.”

After a while I heard, “Alina Paynter.” (I don't know her last name, so I made it up.)

I got up and stood on the podium next to Magnate Endal. I looked out and saw my parents clapping for me, having arrived just when I was being lined up. I scanned around to find Alden, and when I did, I found him clapping. I smiled. Alina looked back at Magnate Endal. He said, “Congratulations Alina!” while handing over a scroll which had her official graduations written on it.

I stepped down from the stage to watch all the rest of the graduates.

When are they going to call Alden?

Finally, “Alden Vacker,” was called and I clapped hard along with everyone else. As Alden got of the stage, he immediately got surrounded by his friends and family, offering their congratulations. Seeing such a big fuss over him, I turned to leave to get ready for the ball. He walked up to me as I was on the Leapmaster having said her destination and getting whisked away. I faintly heard him say, “I look forward to being with you at the ball.”

Chapter 5: Alden POV

Nervously I stood outside Alina’s house.

Why I am I nervous. We are just going as friends.

Hesitantly I knocked on the door. A few moments later Alina came and opened the door. I looked at her. She was wearing a high-neck teal gown, with diamond buttons on the back, and bottom of skirt.

Wow. She looks great. I guess it was a good idea to wear a teal jerkin. Interrupting my thoughts, Alina stepped out of the house, and interlocked our arms. She glanced at me and said, “Ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Together we walked to the Leapmaster where he said, “Foxfire.”

A few seconds later they appeared outside of Foxfire. They walked inside. I told Alina to go mingle with her friends saying I would find her later. I began to chat politely with everyone.

Should I go back to Alina? It is only polite. I glanced at Alina, to find her stuffing herself with mallowmelt. I laughed.

Just then Magnate Endal who was monitoring the ball making sure nothing got out of hand, told me, that the Councilors wanted to see him, and that they were waiting outside.  

Chapter 6: Alden POV

What did I do wrong?

I wracked my brain, but couldn't think of anything I did that would result in the Councillors to show especially for him. My heart starting beating faster. Magnate Endal led me to the front of the silver and gold tower, and went back into the ball.

"Hello Mr. Vacker." I looked towards the sound of the voice, and found the Councillors standing in all their regal glory standing a few feet away from me.

Nervously, I bowed. "Did I do something wrong?"

Emery laughed, "No, on the contrary, we received your request to be a Regent?"

Could I really?.... I could feel my beating faster, this time out of hope and excitement.


"Well we think that you would be a valuable asset to nobility." Emery said. He then fell silent, and I assumed that he was talking to the councillors mentally.

"Tomorrow, you are to come to the Seat of Eminence to swear your oath, and become and official regent." Emery announced.

I can't believe it! Tomorrow I will be a regent.

I bowed again, and the Councillors raised their pathfinders in the air, and vanished to their destination. Almost giddily I walked back to the party, and as he was about to walk into the building, the doors burst open, and Alina popped out. She frantically looked around.

"Have you lost something?" I questioned amused.

Why am I always amused by Alina?

As he was going to say something else, Alina turned to look at him, and exclaimed, "There you are. Your friends were wondering where you were, and I overheard so I decided to look for you. Seeing that you weren't in the ballroom, I was going to check outside."

"Thanks for looking for me."

Alina nodded, "Anything for a friend. So where were you?" I felt a slight pang when she said friend.

I answered proudly, "The councillors wanted to see me, becuase tomorrow the are going to appoint me as a regent." Alina's eyes grew large.

"No way!" She exclaimed.

I checked his watch. Its getting late, and I want a good nights rest, to be up and running at my appointment at the Seat of Eminence. Quickly I said, "I have to go."

Alina frowned but nodded saying, "You should go."

I walked over to the Leapmaster with Alina. I got on a waved to her. "Bye! I had fun tonight." I arrived at Everglen, walked in and got in his bed. As my eyes shut, the last thought I had, was that I was going to be a regent, and hopefully soon after a emissary.

Chapter 7: Alina POV

(A few years later)

I found my mind constantly thinking about the handsome teal eyed Vacker. After the ball we had met a many many times. But Alden was a Regent, then soon after became an Emissary, and his time with me was becoming less and less.

Suddenly there was a knock on the front door of her home. Alina frantically ran to her mirror. Yikes! Her hair was a mess, and clothes were rumpled. She hurriedly changed into a simple tunic, pants, and brushed her hair. Hastily but on some mascara, and lipstick. Then Alina practically flew downstairs, and opened the door. It swung open to reveal.... Alden.

"Hi." he said somewhat nervously, holding out a bunch of Dimmetines.

Alden is never this nervous? What's going on?

I slowly grabbed the flowers, and retreated back in the house, saying, "I'll be back in a moment."

I ran back into the house, and but the flowers in a vase that she found, while thoughts whirled around in my head. Why is he here without warning? I didn't even get ready properly.

I came back outside, to find Alden uncomfortably looking around. "So....." I mumbled.

"Do you want to come with me Moonglade to watch the stars?"


Side by side we walked to the Leapmaster, stepped on and in unison shouted, "Moonglade!"

Chapter 8: Alden POV

I arrived at Moonglade, with Alina who was looking around confusedly. I set up a blanket so we could sit somewhat comfortably on the ground. Then I interlocked our hands, and pulled her down to the ground, to watch the stars.

"Why did you bring me here Alden?" Alina asked.

"I really value our time together, and as my time is mainly being devoted towards emissary work, I wanted to spend some time with you."

Alina nodded. Then we just lay watching the stars together, pointing out stars and laughing.

I really like you Alina, I thought. You are smart, ambitious, amusing, and a good person to be around.

Little did I know that I was speaking aloud.

Chapter 9: Alina POV

I turned to face Alden, my face burning and my heart beating wildly.

"Did you really mean that?" I asked quietly.

Alden looked mortified. "I said that aloud?"

I nodded my head.

"L-look I didn't- mean it that way." Alden stuttered.

My heart sank. There was a long awkward silence. I glanced at Alden, who seemed lost in his own thoughts, his fingers mindlessly playing with a few loose seams in the blanket.

"I felt that way though." I said so softly, I didn't even know if he heard.

Alden's cheeks turned pale pink, and his hands stopped fidgeting.

He definitely heard.

I started to get up not wanting to face the impending rejection.

"Thank you for spending time wi-" I started to say, when suddenly Alden pulled me down, very close to him, my lips nearly inches away from his. He slowly leaned in....

Chapter 10: Alden POV

I leaned in towards Alina's lips slowly. Then I did it. My lips touched hers ever so softly. She kissed me back, her hands moving and finally placed around my neck. We broke apart, and sat in silence, both lost in our thoughts.

I couldn't beleive I actually did it. I kissed Alina. I looked at her. She was flushed and nervously tapping her nails on the ground.

I broke the silence first. "So...."

Alina then spoke, "Does this mean we are...."

"Together?" I interrupted hopefully, "If you want to be."

Alina was quiet for a while then as I was beginning to lose my hope, she replied, "Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend."

I grinned, then slightly frowned realizing that I had to go. I had to train a regent who wanted to become an emissary tomorrow and the council had chosen me to be the mentor and show her the ropes.

I contemplated how to tell Alina I had to go, but luckily she said, "Its getting late, and I have to go." She kissed my check then held up her pathfinder and was whisked away.

I just stood there grinning and dumfounded, until five minuets later I snapped out of my haze. I raised my pathfinder, excited for the future would hold.

Chapter 11: Alden POV

I arrived at the Eternalia Library, tapping my foot impatiently waiting for the regent to show up. Suddenly the door opened and a female with brown hair came in. She walked up to me and asked, "Are you Alden Vacker?"

"Yes." I replied a little shocked that she didn't know what I looked like. I was after all one of the most famous and eligible-to-match Vacker. "What is your name? And ability?"

"Della Cohen. I am a vanisher." Came the musical reply. I then looked at Della properly. My jaw dropped slightly. She had pale skin, rich brown hair that curled slightly at the end, and a rose bud mouth. Her eyes were a stunning cobalt blue. She tapped my shoulder, "Are you ok, Lord Vacker? You seem stuck in a trance."

"I-I'm good. Should we get started?" I asked stuttering a bit.

"Of course."

I walked over to the intelligent species section, looking over my shoulder to see if Della was following. When she arrived I started talking. "Emissaries carry out important missions from the Council. The most common mission is meeting with other intelligent species to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules of treaties. Therefore to become an emissary you have to know the history and knowledge of the intelligent species as well as the treaties." Della nodded.

"You will need to study these texts." I said grabbing a couple of scrolls and handing them to Della. "I have to go look up something classified, so you can work on your own." Again Della nodded, and scanned the room for a table. She found one and dumped the scrolls on it. Della then picked up on of the scrolls and started reading with a great look of concentration etched on her pretty face.

I walked to another section and started reading up on alchemy. Two hours later, I came back to find Della just finishing up reading the scrolls. "Are you done?"

"I am." Della handed to the scrolls to me. "Can you put these away. I don't know where the original spots are."

I grabbed the scrolls and returned them to their proper spot. Then I gestured to the door to exit the library and asked, "Ready to go?"

Instead of replying Della started walking to the door, signaling she was going. I jogged to catch up with her, chatting about everyday life. Side by side we exited the library to find..... Alina.

Chapter 12: Alina's POV

I was standing outside of the Eternalia Library waiting for Alden to come. We didn't make any plans to meet but I wanted to surprise him, so knowing the Eternalia Library is where all regents get mentored I arrived at the library. The door opened and Alden walked out with a stunning girl, talking to her as if he had known her his entire life.

Jealousy flared through me. Why is Alden looking so happy with her, even more happy than with me? I ran up to Alden and kissed him full on the mouth. Almost immediately I heard a gasp from the girl.

Serves you right for trying to steal my boyfriend. I stepped back, looking at Alden who seemed shocked. My cheeks flushed a little, embarrassed.

Just as I was about to leave, I heard Alden's voice, "Alina, I think we need to talk."

He turned to the girl about to say something but she cut in saying, "Excuse me. I'm just going to go."

She backed away slowly almost if me and Alden were a pair of angry verminions. When she was five feet away, she turned her heel and daintily walked away. Making sure she was well out of sight and hearing range, I turned to face Alden.

"Hi." I said nervously, not sure how he was going to react.

After a good five minutes, he finally spoke monotonously, "Alina....."

This is not going to a fun talk.

Chapter 13: Alden's POV

Why did Alina kiss me.... In front Della? Now things between me and Della are going to be weird.

After an awkward five minutes, I started to speak. "Alina.... why would you do that?"

Alina looked at the ground embarrassed or nervous; I couldn't tell. "I-I....." She stuttered.

"Just tell me!" My voice started to get slightly louder and impatient. I took a deep breath to calm myself.

Alina stayed silent then started slowly talking. "I just wanted to surprise you by coming -" I cut her off, my hand motioning her to hurry up speaking.

Her eyebrows pinched together and faster she said, "Like I was saying... I want to surprise you by coming. And..... I didn't.... see... her."

I kept up my poker face not wanting her to see any emotions, but inside I felt dubious that Alina did not see Della. I thought that she had kissed me so brazenly becuase Della was there. "Go on."

"I thought that since we were dating, we could be affectionate in public?" Alina said almost questioning her own words.

I could tell that it was part of the truth but I really wanted to know the entire story. I didn't press her though.

"Okay." I said neither forgiving or angry. Just acknowledging what Alina said. Alina took that as a que to leave and she held up her pathfinder to the light and was whisked away.

I should apologize to Della. Hopefully make things less awkward.

I walked in the same direction the Della had left, and found her laughing with a tall blond boy and an auburn haired girl. My heart tightened slightly. I waited for a good couple minutes for the boy and girl to leave and he left I walked up her.


Chapter 14: Della's POV

I turned sharply towards the crisp voice.

What is he doing here? I thought he was having his lovers quarrel. I stifled a laugh thinking of the "lover's quarrel".

"I'm sorry about that." Alden said bashfully, scratching his neck. Well this is awkward.

"Its fine. I just hope that I'll never be with someone like that. Kissing in public, when you are just dating, not even engaged." I responded truthfully.

Alden's face grimaced, then tightened slightly hearing the second part. His eyes just stared at the ground, intently. Concerned, I waved my hand in front of his face, and when he stayed still, I snapped my fingers in front of his but he didn't even flinch.

Is he reading my mind?

"Alden are you ok?" I asked. Then "Are you reading my mind or something?" slipped out of my mouth. My cheeks flushed a little.

But that seemed to snap him out of his trance, and he hastily explained, "No, no. I was just..." Alden stumbled on his words.

"Was stuck in a trance." I completed for him, understanding completely. "My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was apart of the original council. He is so old that he constantly has flashbacks and gets stuck in trances."

Alden smiled, and I was glad that he was good-natured enough to not be irritating or angry that I compared him to one of the oldest ancients.

"So, we're good. No hard or awkward feelings between us?" Alden questioned changing the subject completely.

I smiled again. "We are good."

With that I walked away to a nearby Leapmaster, leaving him momentarily stunned. I turned around, just in time to see him smile to himself and walk away too.

Chapter 15: Narration

It was all peace for several months. Alina and Alden went on several dates. Della and Alden worked together for the council. Never did all three of them meet up, accidently or on purpose until now......

Where? The matchmaker's office.

Alden and Alina walked into the building, waiting in the lobby to pick up their lists together. The door swung open and neither of them payed attention until Alden heard Della's musically voice. He turned his head, to see Della talking to the same boy and girl, he saw the day, he first met Della. Alina murmured something to him, but Alden didn't pay attention.

Alina then also turned around, wondering what was so intriguing that Alden wouldn't pay attention to her. She gasped slightly, and mumbled quietly to herself, "Of course it has to be Della."

Alden decided that instead of staring at Della and her two friends, he could introduce himself. He walked up to the threesome, and Alina tagged behind him.

He cleared his throat. Neither Della or anyone seemed to have heard him. He did it again this time louder. Della turned around. "Hi Alden!" Then the auburn and the blond also turned around, looking like who-is-this. Della explained, "This is Alden. He is my mentor for the council and we work together."

The girl introduced herself. "Hi! I'm Edaline. And this intimidating guy is Grady." Grady looked at him, then slightly behind him. In a slightly deep voice he questioned not trying to be polite, "Who is the woman behind you wearing too many clothes and jewelry." Alden's cheeks became slightly red.

Huffing a little, Alina introduced herself, "I'm Alina, and I'm Alden's boyfriend." She said while glaring at Edaline and particularly Della.

Alden's face became stoic, which was his mechanism when he didn't want to show any outrageous emotion, such as anger on his face. Just as Alden opened his mouth to say something voices rang out.

"Alden Vacker!"

"Alina Paynter!"

"Della Cohen!"

"Edaline Ruewen!"

"Grady Selenestrom!

"Your list are ready!"

Chapter 16: Edaline's POV

I walked forwards towards the front desk, along with Della, Grady, Alden, and Alina, where a female matchmaker named Ceri was standing behind. She snapped her fingers five times and each time a different list appeared. I grabbed the list which had my name on it, and closed my eyes.

I really hope Grady is on my list.

I opened my eyes and followed Della and Grady exiting the building. Together we walked to a nearby Conservatory. Grady opened the glass door and we went inside. Della walked to an empty table in the corner surrounded by tall pures and nice-smelling flowers. We all sat down.

"Lets open our lists together." I stated, looking at my two best friends. They nodded in agreement.

"One." Della exclaimed.

"Two." Grady said.

"Three!" I declared.

I opened my list breaking the seal. I started from the bottom going to the top. I glanced at Grady, who seemed to be skimming through his lists.

Final Alternatives, no Grady.

Fourth Runners Up, no Grady.

Third Considerations, no Grady.

Second Contenders, still not Grady. My pulse started to rise.

Nervously, slowly I looked at my Top Tier. I grinned. There right at spot 7, was written Grady Selenestrom.

I broke the deafening silence, "So... anyone of you guys know on your lists?" I questioned.

Della started, "Well I have Cassius at 23..." Me and Della shuddered, none of us like the pretentious Lord Cassius Sencen. "Harlin Vacker at 34, Durand Redek at 47, Quan Sato at 69, and Alden at 91." She finished.

Grady began, "Edaline at 3...." He said smiling slightly at me. My cheeks flushed. "Mai Song at 17, Gisela Metller at 63, and Vika Heks at 99." Grady made a face at the last one.

"I have Grady at 3..." I blushed then hurriedly continued, "Benesh Vacker at 48, Ollie Heks at 60, and Quinlin Sonden at 82."

Della looked outside at the darkening sky. "I have to go. Busy day tomorrow!" She chirped.

Grady looked at me, "Ready to go?"


Side by side, and hand in hand we existed the conservatory.

I can't wait for what the future brings!

Chapter 17: Alden's POV

(Few years later)

After I got my matchmaking list, I made the private decision to immerse myself into work, and not making any big decisions about my future.

Della now wasn't my trainee but now working alongside me. To my surprise Grady Selenestrom the man I had seen with Della at the matchmaking office was also working closely with me, on helping preserve wildlife. He was even talking about making a sanctuary for animals in his house, Havenfield with his soon-to-be-wife Edaline.

I still was dating Alina, but.... I dreaded meeting her.

Whenever I spent time with her, Alina would bring up the topic of matchmaking, something I did not want to talk about. She took every opportunity to mention how she was on my list, in the Top Tier no less, and how she was on my lists as well.

Alina had also seemed to have gotten much more insure about how she looked after she had met Della. She was constantly looking at mirrors and reflective surfaces, checking her reflection, and smoothing her hair.

I shook myself out my seemingly gloomy thoughts, and grabbed my pathfinder that was sitting on my desk. I changed the pathfinders crystal to Prism Peaks.

Why is Alina want to see me before the Celestial Festival?

Orem didn't light up the sky before the moon rises, and right now it was barley dark.

I just hope she isn't going to talk about Matchmaking, Winnowing Galas, and Lists the entire time.

I reluctantly grabbed the pathfinder and lifted it up so the crystal could catch the light. A beam was created and stepping into the light and I was whisked away.

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