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Aja Lee
Owned and RPed by The Keeper of the Lost Cities

Basic Info

Full Name Aja Star Lee
Age 11
Ability Yet to manifest
Birthday April 12
Mother Skai Lee
Father Prin Lee
Siblings Skata Lee


Aja was a girl that her story was very unknown. She wasn't a prankster like Skata, she also hadn’t manifested. She had also wanted a friend. Her parents wanted her to be there reputation, not to spoil it like Skata. Well, first of all, Aja didn't want to be their perfect little child. She wanted to have control of what she liked, not what her parents wanted her to like. They wanted her to sit still and be perfect. Well, she made many mistakes. Her parents wanted her to manifest right away, into a Telepath. Well, she didn’t like that ability, she knew that she couldn’t choose her ability, and she couldn’t control when she did manifest and her parents couldn’t trigger it.

Aja also wanted a friend, like Skata who had one. Aja had a liking for Sky, but she wanted someone that was her age. Aja realized that Sky had a brother the same age as her. He was a Technopath, and looked like they had the same longing, for a friend. For the first time, things looked like they were going to change, other than her parents said that she couldn't go there, because that Technopath boy, his name was Khai, was in a family who had twins. Khai was a Technopath who hacked and was a talented Technopath. A boy who had his ability triggered at nine. A boy with a mean father and a dead mother. A boy who everyone feared other than Aja. Aja was heartbroken that she couldn’t have the friend she wanted, and saw that the Khai looked at her with longing for her to be his friend too, that the prejudices of this world ruined everything, her parents wanted to protect their own reputation over their daughter's happiness.

Aja's hates when she sees someone sad and she can’t do anything about it.


Sympathetic, quiet, shy, and helpful. Introvert


Black hair, silver blue eyes

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