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Lady Adriana Jennings








Female (transgender)




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Adriana is perhaps among the more sweeter elves one might ever meet. She's as caring, if not more so, as a real woman would be. Forever soft-spoken, she's not one for arguments, and she never wants anyone to fight. She believes in good of everyone, and most definitely would give a second chance where it is right. But do not take her for a softie; she can be loud when she has to be. She doesn't stand for discrimination of any kind, and she'll be happy to drive the point home whatever way is clever. She's a brilliant woman, and independent as far as anyone is concerned... but she has a great commitment issue which stemmed from the marriage that ended in tragedy.


Adriana Conwyn-Jennings, or Adriana Jennings as most have come to know her as, had a very difficult and complicated life. What most probably will never hear is that Adriana wasn't born a woman; no, she was born as Aden Alexander Conwyn - a handsome baby boy, and the youngest in a family of five. But Aden... felt different. Something had always felt off about the young boy. Even from the day he was born, something felt off. But it would not be until quite the time later that this would come to face the light.

Having grown up as the child of Nobility, Aden had every luxury he could might have wanted. But then, Aden never seemed to want what his parents desired of him; he found fascination with dresses and makeup. His siblings didn't feel comfortable with his interests and his parents were quite suspicious of him. However, when Aden's maternal aunt entered the picture... she most definitely saw that which his parents didn't see; Aden wasn't meant to be Aden. She refused to openly speak of it to anyone, but she helped feed Aden the validation that will bring him to make the most life changing decision ever.

Aden found much more comfort in the presence of his aunt, and felt like she actually cared about him. And as such she was the first person he talked to... about not feeling right. Like he wasn't meant to have this life. He had been feeling weird things, and his parents had tried to instill in his frail mind that this was his life as intended. He began Foxfire as expected, but yet still he felt... different. At the insistence of his maternal aunt, his ability was manually triggered by an unknown family friend who had connections with a certain group of individuals. Aden would discover this weeks later, when he thought he hadn't manifested. He was to be a Vanisher, tracing this back to his maternal grandparents.

It was when he was thirteen that he finally found his words; he was meant to be a girl. He first told his aunt over summer break; she in turn told him that he's now permanently in her custody, because as the truth came, his parents wanted nothing to do with him and his desires. But that was good; under the watchful eye of his caring aunt and grandfather, he came to embrace who he was meant to be. Baby steps were taken to help Aden become the elf that she wanted to be; it started with a name. Adriana Cerise. She was to answer exclusively to that name at home and no other. She'd wear neutral clothes and over time, she'd try feminine clothing. When young Adriana became 15, the work all payed off. Aden was no more; now Adriana Cerise Conwyn is the name.

However, this did not come without its consequences. For one, her records had to be redone for her new identity. Under a heavy bribe, the records were contained, and thus Adriana had her scores for the years prior to transitioning. Additionally, the school was made aware to respect Adriana for who she was and not to make any potentially exposing remarks that could make her life difficult. But after the fires settled, life was comfortable. Adriana was as successful as ever, and she was regarded as one of the best students in her year. She also found love quickly, thanks to some under-the-table deals with the matchmakers. She dated for about year, before the two married.

It was your typical young couple. Adriana and her boyfriend eloped right after graduation; the flame of passion was there. The two were your typical passionate couple... but it'd take a fair bit to realize; Adriana was infertile and could not have children due to the way she came to be. She came out to her then-husband... and they never saw each other after that. From what she suspected, he probably went in to file a match fail, and out of caution, she did the same. But she never let go of her married name because... she still loved him. It was a kind of toxic love; he hated her, but she couldn't let go. She dated some others afterwards, but nothing became of it, so she did one last legal name change; that to Adriana Conwyn-Jennings. Though having spent long enough as simply Adriana Jennings had ample effect; she still uses that name in place of her full name, because it was the one thing that didn't remind her of her childhood that she never wanted.

After spending multiple years not really being anything helpful to society, she made a conscious decision to go back to school... but as a mentor and not a student. She had a desire to open young prodigies' minds and eyes to what they wouldn't notice otherwise.

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