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Admon Dullake



"Regret is karma, but in a different word."













black Hair

dark blue Eyes


He has black hair with dark blue and is considered especially handsome by others.




Admon was a bright, bubbly person. He loved making others laugh and he always tried to be positive. He was told to act kind to everyone despite how they treat him, and he devoted all his time making sure his little brother was happy. He's very protective of his brother, and is sad about how others treated him just because of his status, not for who he truly is. Although he looked like he was all sunshine and rainbows, he often was lonely and miserable because of how isolated he was and how people didn't like him. Sometimes he would shed a few tears because of this. After his little brother was born, he swore to himself that he'd do anything to make sure his brother wasn't affected by other people's negative whispers. Other people sometimes thought that he was......below average because of how bubbly and light-headed he was. But they were wrong. Admon aced in every subject at school, and was very smart. It was just that he didn't show that side of him. After he reached his elite levels he became more serious and depressed. He acted cold towards others and shut himself from others.

Middle-Lower Class

Admon's in the lower-middle class and is not in the nobility. His parents, Arianna and Vincent both work in Atlantis. Admon has a little brother named Drake(he calls him Dranny) that is 5 years younger than him. He is 17 years old, and he goes to Foxfire, and is in Level 7. He grew up with elves often staring at him; not in a good way, but in a bad way. His mother, Arianna is a Talentless and his father Vincent was formerly in the Nobility, and Vincent is a Guster. Vincent was demoted to middle class because of his marriage. Arianna and Vincent were considered a bad match, but they decided to marry anyways because they loved each other. Vincent's parents strongly disliked Vincent's pick for a wife. Admon's parents hesitated about having kids because they feared that their children would get negative remarks for who they are, and their fear came true. When Admon was introduced to the world lots of rumors were in the air about how he'd possibly be a Talentless just like his mother. After that their parents did not plan on having another kid, but in the end they did because they saw how lonely Admon was and wanted him to have a sibling to at least be friends with, because other elves avoided him due to his status.

When he was a Level 3, he met a kid named Angel Strian that offered to be his friend, and ever since then they were inseparable. They were best friends. He manifested as a Phaser and Polyglot at Level 3 in Foxfire.

His main goal was to become an Emissary after he became a Level 7, but he knew that his goal would be challenging because lots of elves would doubt his abilities. Nevertheless he wanted to have a job in the Nobility. Ever since he reached his elite levels he grew sick of other's unfair treatment towards him, and instead of trying to change the society, he accepted it and wanted to play along with it. He grew distant with his mother, who was a Talentless, and started to drift away from his brother because he was beginning to fear that Drake was a Talentless, because Drake's grades suffered in Ability Detecting Class. He assumed that his family's history as a bad match would affect his chances of entering the Nobility.

Despite his best friend's warning about how he was changing; for the bad, not for good, Admon was determined to do anything to become an Emissary. Those whispers and stares, they changed him. He wasn't as bubbly and bright he was before. He wanted to change. He was even willing to risk losing his family's trust in him in order to raise his status. Starting to see how their son was changing, his parents forcefully made Admon sit through a family conversation. Finally having the final straw of his family, Admon spoke truthfully-which was the theme of the family conversation-, and called his brother a failure and a mistake, and told him that he regretted having him as a brother. His parents tried to have him apologize and admit his mistake, and all he said was, "The only mistake I made was being born in this household.". Soon his parents started to build an emotional barrier between them and Admon. Drake started to avoid Admon. Now he only had his best friend left.......or he thought so.

Angel had heard about everything that happened between Admon and his family through his little sister, Helena. Helena was close friends with Drake, and they stuck together as best friends through thick and thin. Angel felt that his best friend wasn't the same as before. He started to neglect Admon and eventually left him.

Feeling abandoned and alone, Admon missed days of school to rethink about his past actions. It was then he realized his errors. Admon felt sorry for how he acted, and tried to patch things up between his family. But after months and months of neglect, Drake looked at Admon as if he was a stranger. His parents wouldn't forgive him. It was too late to try and fill in the wedge that drove them away.

Admon scored low in his classes on the finals of Level 7. He felt stressed and burdened and the disappointed looks of his family haunted him. It wasn't until he reached Level 8 when he decided to make the best out of the situation he was in, and resumed his goal to become an Emissary. He knew that he broke his first promise to himself in the worst way possible; he swore to himself to do anything to make sure his brother wasn't affected by other people's negative looks, but it was him that had negatively affected his brother. Now he learned a valuable lesson to never allow his selfish reasons to harm his loved ones.

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"Regret is karma, but in a different word"
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