Adele Carmen

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Adele Carmen

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About Adele Carmen
Full Name: Adele May Carmen
Parents: Grace and Nathan Carmen
Siblings: Ayden Carmen
Friends: Lani Cain
Nicknames: None, as of now
Birthday: April 23
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Adele can be really shy, and doesn't have many friends. She struggles with her ability, and the only people willing to help and support her is her brother, Ayden, and her best friend, Lani. She's really unsure of herself, and gets stressed easily.

Adele is not very good at using her Ability, but everything else school-wise, she's awesome at.


Grace, Nathan, and Ayden Carmen

Lani Cain

Working on it...

Working on it...


Grace and Nathan Carmen knew they were expecting twins, but neither cared. Once they were born, Nathan and Grace were super happy. They were even happier when Ayden, their son, manifested. But when Adele, their daughter, manifested and couldn’t control it, Nathan got upset. He wanted everything to be perfect, but realized it wasn’t going to be, and realized having twins was the biggest mistake he’d made. He hated them, began abusing them, and started not caring again. Things got worse when Ayden decided to help and support his sister, like any good brother would.

Adele’s life was hard and stressful for her. She couldn’t control her ability, and she needed to be able to pass her ability session. Everything else was a piece of cake to her. But she couldn’t master this one thing.

Adele dreads coming home to her father every day. Every time she sees him, she feels even more pressured, stressed, and ignored. She tries to avoid him, but he seems to make everything worse. Her best friend, Lani, tried to help, and so does Ayden, but its always the same feeling.


Adele has pretty teal blue eyes with silvery flecks, and long brown hair.

Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Light Brown
Height: 5"6
Model: Lenaya Grace

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