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Part One

She sat staring at the dark, star filled sky. Right now she wanted to be a star, surrounded by the best, most powerful, element. Shadowflux.

But she couldn’t. The world needed change, and she would bring it. She would show everyone the life of darkness. All the shades would come together, work together, for a better world. And she would lead it.

There was a knock at her door.

“Hello?” They person asked from outside. “I know you’re in there, Mara.” Mara shuddered at the sound of her name. No—she would be called Umber! Mara was a light name, she was dark.

“Go away!” She shouted back, her voice weaved with anger. “I don’t need to see you—“

”Actually,” The person interrupted, “You might.”

Umber glared at the closed door. She got up and opened it.

There stood a man, black hair, tight lips, and a permanent non-smile. “Call me Spark,” he said, a hint of rasp to his voice. “Spark intill we trust you.”

”We?” Umber asked, looking behind the man. It was just him.

“Do you want darkness to rule, to live on top, to thrive?” He whispered. “So do we. Come and learn. See. Hear. Fight. We believe the same as you. We have plans, more than the wretched councilors.” Umber gasped.

No one talked about the councilors like that! She should report this person. And yet . . . he was right. The council was wretched. They acted like they were royalty, when really, they should be helping the people. Really helping the people. And that was why she said it. Even is she didn’t know it, those next words would change her life in ways she could never imagine.

”Okay,” she said, her voice strong, “I’ll go with you.”

They man held up a green leaping crystal. She didn’t have time to wonder about it, before he pulled her into the light.

They appeared in a musky, thick-aired, room. Jet black stalagmites hung like sharp skewers from the ceiling. Everything was stone. Over in the corner was a stone bench, stone bars bolted to a window, a heavy stone door carved from the doorway. This place was crazy.

“Where am I?” Umber asked, her voice quivered. She had just been brought—by a stranger—to a stone room that looked almost like a prison . . .

Umber shivered, imagining things that made her blood run cold.

”This,” said Spark, pointing out the window, “is Ravagog.”

Umber cried out.

She was in an ogre city! She turned to to Spark, her body tensed for a fight. “Who are you?” she asked, her voice as hard and demanding as the stone surrounding her. “Who do you work for?”

Spark smirked. “For now,” he whispered, “all you need to know is that we call ourselves the Neverseen.”

Part Two

Umber laughed. “The Neverseen? Seriously?” What kind of name was that?

”You have a problem with that?” Spark asked angrily. Umber stumbled back, her back hitting the stone wall.

“Oh—no, I don’t!” she reassured. “It’s, uh . . .” Umber frantically tried to come up with a complement. “It’s . . . sneaky.” Oops. That sounded pathetic!

”Oh, really?” Spark snarled. “Listen here, Mara, we have ways of disposal for those who”—here he took a long look at Umber—“disappoint us. We don’t want our secrets spilled, do we?” He laughed harshly. “Follow me.”

Umber stumbled after Spark as he opened the stone door. Outside was passageway of—yep, of course—stone. But the smell! Oh the smell! It stank of rotting meat and dirty animals. In fact, the leaping crystal had been green so—

Oh, no! Umber thought. They were in an ogre city! And ogres could find them! “Do you—do you know where this is? This—this is and Ogre city! We have to leave!” She shouted to Spark.

”Of course it’s a ogre city!” Spark laughed back, “We are—we’ll not friends but . . . more like two teams working for the same endgame, but with different visions—and I think it’s time you met the ogre king.”

”Excuse me?” Umber was hoping she had heard this mysterious Spark wrong.

”If you’re going to be part of us—the Neverseen—then you need to know who we have an alliance with. And that is”—he laughed giddily—“King Dimeter, the ogre king!”

Umber’s stomach sank, hitting bottom with a almost-real thunk. Whatever these “Neverseen” were playing with, it wasn’t going to end well. She had to get away—quickly.

She looked down the hallway that stretched in front of them. Umber had no idea where it lead, but it had to better than meeting the ogre king!

She started running. Running as fast—faster—than she ever had before. She raised around a corner, herring Spark call out, “No—wait! You don’t want to—“ before she banged into pure, hard muscle-made flesh. The flesh of an ogre.

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